Fremen's Axe-Fx II amp packs


After the Axe-Fx III and AX8 versions, my Axe-Fx II amp packs are now available.

This new video was recorded with the AX8, but of course the Axe-Fx II version sounds the same. Spectacular playing by my friend here, and he doesn't even uses a pick (watch closely !) o_O

Also recorded with the AX8 but displaying the same sounds, this time it's me playing... unfortunately, lol

Watch on youtube for the exact timing of each amp model demoed, if you want to skip some parts, as my noodling maybe be a little annoying ;)

Each Amp Pack focuses on one or more amp models, and has 15 presets. Those presets are built on the same “do it all” template, with 8 scenes. Each preset has the same template and effects settings. What changes from preset to preset are the user cab and the amp settings, and sometimes, the amp model.

The scenes are as follow :

1 Rhythm
2 Crunch
3 Lead 1 (boosted with a drive pedal)
4 Lead 2 (no drive pedal, for a warmer tone, and with the Enhancer block)
5 Fender style clean
6 Fender style clean with modulation
7 Eighties style glassy clean
8 Acoustic simulation

Also included are 15 new custom cabs, and a 16th one for clean tones. All packs uses the same 15 custom cabs, except those from the “boutique” bundle ( ODS, Two Stone, Wrecker, Mr Z, Comet) which uses another selection of 15 cabs more suited for blues-rock & fusion playing. As usual, those presets are for FRFR systems.

more details here :

Shorter video of the original preset template, that shows the concept for one preset :

The packs also include a "tweaking tips" document, to help those who would want to tweak the presets to their liking.

There are Single Amp Packs, Bundles of 5 Amp Packs, and a Amp Pack Full bundle

Here, a friend from Reunion island, Daniel Riesser, also an AX8 user, is testing some of the boutique amp packs presets :

You can also watch my Axe-Fx III amp packs videos, as they are based on the same Axe-Fx II presets that I used for the AX8 versions, and the sounds are almost the same ; they are shorter and each of them is dedicated to a specific pack, with the same licks & riffs reamped through different presets. The tread is here :
This one,Axe Fx II amp pack is similar with the
"Axe-Fx II - Mega Pack" ?
No, the Megapack is a bundle of all my previous packs. This is all new presets, which also uses new IRs. There's also a bundle for those new presets.
My favorit preset is from yor Plexi Amp Preset Bundle. I love this tone. It's a disco fun song for my friend. He used to play this song in his youth.

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Thank you Thibault - Your presets are just beautifull. ;) Sorry for replaying late. I had a rough time the last few month. I stoped all this medikations which took a while to get it out of the sytem. Every 3 weeks cutting down on the dose and now the last 3 weeks I feel well like I did bevore those drugs.
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