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Third-party preset or preset pack for the Axe-Fx III
Fremen's Acoustic pack is excellent. It provides presets for a range of different guitars / pickups, which means that there's a high probability that you'll get excellent results with your own guitar. Because there's no way that a generic simulation gets good results with every guitar. With Fremen's collection I did, even with the esoteric middle single coil PU on my Steinberger Spirit. Also, the presets get the "body" of the sound right, which is so important with an acoustic guitar. Highly recommended!
For my latest band I needed a fusion tone. We are also going to do some holdsworth. I went through the Hallebeeke pack and have been playng with the legacy preset. Great thick tone with a lot of character.
For Holdsworth clean I use my EJ preset. Any suggestions which you would use?
Hello Harm ! There's already some Holdsworth clean type presets in the Hallebeek pack. Richard and I reproduced the settings of the Yamaha echo unit used by Holdsworth, as he has two of them.
Hi guys ! I just updated a few packs to firmware 24.05 - only the presets using amp models that has been updated in firmware 24.04 and 24.05. This concerns only the following packs :
Fremen's Picks
Rock & Metal vol 1 & 2
Amp packs : Friedman, Recto
Fremen! You're a miracle worker! Thank you so much for this, sending you a shoutout to show you your work is appreciated. These are the presets I use the most and I've been so sad they been a bit off since the latest update. But you fixed it all right up!

Thank you!
You're welcome! I would have updated them before if I wasn't so plagged by health issues... Now I just torn my calf muscle, with 6-8 weeks of recovery - I have to walk with acrutch, never felt so old, lol... Fortunately I have a trusted method to update everything quickly, using either a looper or a DI track, and saving the amp blocks settings in the library to update the FM9 and FM3 versions even more quickly afterwards..
T, you have to be held together with Duct Tape by now!!...Welcome to the club of old age brother, it just keeps getting better.
Feel better, the good thing is you CAN play guitar sitting down!
My Pink Floyd pack has just been updated to firmware 24.05. This is a major update ! I'm using a new, improved version of my "Gilmour" IR, and that one is the key to most of those new sounds. I also redialed some effects settings, using DI tracks of my guitar and a live recording of my band as backing track - imho, that's the best way to ensure that those presets work great live ! For me, this new version is the ultimate one, I can say I got the sound I had in my head, with the perfect balance between warmth and presence, inspired by the live sounds from "PULSE" and "Delicate sound of thunder". It's a pity that my Tribute band is no more, that means I'll never use them (or at least, all of them) live.

Anyway, after working a couple of weeks on them, I wanted to re-record many solos from my tribute band's setlist. Here's the solo from "On the turning away", over a live backing track of my band, "The Mauritian Tribute to Pink Floyd", with my original guitar track muted.

Here's "Comfortably numb" :

...and another take of "Comfortably numb", this time mostly doing my own thing, having fun with the Sustainiac pickup of my Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder. This one is not to be taken too seriously ;) First solo recorded with a Fender Stratocaster American Ultra FSR

Another favorite of mine : "The final cut"

Last one for now : "Time"

More to come ! In the meantime, you can all grab the updated pack in my website, here :
a better ir? Nice! The same slot as the previous ir? So I overwrite the previous one? Did you mark it somehow inthe download folder so I know which one it is?
I've updated my Pink Floyd presets to the lastest version. Where do I find the new Gilmore IR?

Edit: Nevermind, I just downloaded the latest latest version of the presets, which includes the new IR.
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