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Fractal Audio AMP models: Thordendal (pre-G3 Recto models)


* EDIT: Up-to-date information is available in Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio Amplifier Models *


THORDENDAL: Fractal Audio's Recto models before they were G3’d.

Fredrik Thordendal is the guitar player of the metal band Meshuggah. Not only known for djent-style metal, but he’s also an accomplished fusion-type lead player.

Originally the Fractal Audio’s Thordendal models were custom virtual-only models, based on Thordendal’s own specifications.

Then this happened, according to Cliff:

"The old Recto models weren't terribly accurate. When G3 came out the models were accurate but Fredrik contacted me and said something like "ahhhhh, I loved the old Recto model". So I took the old Recto models and made them "Thordendal" models."​

So there you have it, the Thordendal models are Recto models (Modern and Vintage modes) from the pre-G3 era.

For more information on the Dual Rectifier and the modeled versions, check this thread.

Here are some clips of Thordendal playing the Axe-Fx II:

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I would assume they are also based off the 3-channel models from back in the day, as there is a gear rundown video out there, and they were using the 'Recto New' or 'Recto 2' model (I forget which but I think these are of the same amp, there may have been videos of their Ultra patches as well).


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Interesting amps for sure.
I remember them sounding a bit off but I seem to recall Cliff making some changes to them too so I'll have to try them out again soon.
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