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FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06


When I connect my EV-2 directly into the FM3 - I am able to set the global volume to it (1 or 2).

But when I connect it to the FC-12 - and set it to FC 1 PEDAL 1 - nothing happens.

If I assign the same pedal for WAH from the FM3 - EDIT - works perfect.

Am I doing something wrong here?

When I do the same in AXE FX III - works just fine.
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Maybe its the firmware Friday thing
that more the AX3 thing , maybe sometimes we could have firmware Wednesday or Thursday just to be different


Yesterday once again FM3 crashed while playing. Suddenly it stopped and made no sound anymore. Buttons, LEDs, and a screen - everything was still working. It looks as if the AMP block is frozen - because the processed signal disappeared from it. I draw this conclusion from the layout> leveling screen:

Even changing the preset did not suspend the AMP block - this is the video recorded moments later after the first, it is the same "hang":

All I could do was restart FM3. During the event I did not use USB (because I hardly use the USB connector anymore, more on that below)

This situation happened once again. There were cases where the sound faded for 2-3 seconds and returned - this happened three times.
Such a suspension that only a hard restart is left happens to me a second time.

The preset where it happened yesterday is attached to this post.
The preset uses the IR Cab given by Ciff
LP Friedman erroir cab.png
I have the impression that the crashes were practically always related to this preset (although the settings were changed). I will venture 85% certainty that the Friedman model (which is used in the preset above) was always used during the crash. I am not 100% sure because I did not look closely the first or second time as it happened.

Dear Fractal, when will you fix FM3?
I have crashes when using USB and FM3-Edit almost every time. I almost stopped using FM3-Edit because I never know when it will crash and lose any unsaved preset changes. USB problems are frustrating, but I can live with it if FM3 itself works.
But here are also problems with the sound processing itself. How am I supposed to play a rehearsal or a concert if I can't be sure of the device, when it suddenly freezes and stops? I really like your products (I had AX8 before, with which there were definitely fewer problems), FM3 sounds phenomenal - but the problems with stability put a deep shadow on this device. When can we expect problems to be fixed?



The only issue Ive had was one instance of “white screen”, and I was scrolling/changing presets very fast on the unit when it happened.

Now my presets are very low CPU, only one is 54%, the rest are in the low 30’s, could it be one of those kinda things where just because you can run at 75-80% doesn’t mean you should?


If the above problem (suddenly disappearing sound and blocking the AMP block) is the result of high CPU usage, why won't FM3 write it to me on the screen ("hello User, CPU is to high, please delete something block")? Why doesn't turn off, for example, the Reverb block (as it did in the AX8), but the sound processing still works in the main line?
Why doesn't FM3 hang up when I change preset (even for empty patch)?
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