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FAS Reverb/Big Sur Compatibility


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EDIT: Thread has been changed to asking about Big Sur compatibility. Go to post #7

I've been looking at reverb plugins (lot's of sales right now), I love the verb in the AxeFxIII so I figured I'd get FAS Reverb plugin. Big warning on the page about Catalina compatibility. Are we still waiting for confirmation on this? I hate Catalina but somehow my setting got changed and it automatically updated. Wish I could go back in versions.
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Mine works fine, but I have to do real-time exports from my DAW (Studio One v4). For some reason the reverbs aren’t applied when I do an “offline mixdown.


Oh man, I was looking to buy this reverb plugin but I've been burned before pretty hard by dropped software support. Can anyone confirm that this has genuinely been updated for the latest OSX?


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I'm still looking to get FAS verb. Is it working with Big Sur, will there be an update?
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I just randomly checked the website and it mentions waiting for Big Sur compatibility. Not sure if there are any actual problems. I'm still on Majave by choice but I'm planning an upgrade later this year.


Unless I am missing an update, my FAS Reverb plugin now crashes Logic every time I attempt to choose a preset...this is on current Mac Pro on Big Sur 11.2...bummer.


Did my upgrade to Big Sur recently, and had the weird knobs and crashes from the preset picker all the time. I was very happy to read in the "News" section of the forum that they will provide an update that will fix it. Sharing my Plugin Folder with NI Raum, CLA Epic, Abbey Road Plates and Chambers, H-Verb, Phoenixverb, Verbsuite Classics, Lustrous Plates, Little Plate and what not - FAS-FX Reverb is still my go-to that I like best. Sound, interface usability and also the CPU load.

(Still hoping they will release the Delay block as a plugin, and also maybe a Modulation plugin that contains the various Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Pitch etc. blocks from the Axe Fx III. Instant purchase without demoing.)


We are indeed working on updating the reverb plugin for full compatibility.

I agree that FAS-FX Delay would be an amazing plugin. There is no delay plugin that I know of which suits me as well as the block in the Axe-Fx.
You big tease, you! :smile: That would be very very nice tool to have DAW access to. Looking forward to enjoying FAS-FX Reverb again when the update eventually lands.
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