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Does anyone have this problem also? I just purchased the FAS-FX Reverb Plugin. It downloaded, and when I open to install, it tells me the developer's certificate is expired. I can still choose to install anyway, but when I do and it finalizes, the plugin doesn't show up anywhere. Can't find it in my iMac and it's not in my DAW either.


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I didn't get that expired message, but I couldn't find my FAS-FX in my DAW (Reaper) when I installed it.

IIRC, in Reaper preferences, I manually added the path to point to the folder containing the plugin. I also did "clear cache and re-scan for plugins" in Reaper. Your DAW might have a similar option. Try that, hopefully it will help.


if its not working, why sell it?

omg it works and sounds amazing!!
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I don't understand. I tried again just now, I get the same thing. It tells me the certificate is expired, and then it gives me the option to install anyway. Once I install, it says installed successfully, but I can't find it anywhere in my computer. Not in my DAW, not in my applications, nowhere. It's really frustrating. Bought this in October last year and haven't even been able to install it.


download and run installer for fas reverb. Go to ilock website create a new account, if you need. Download their ilock registration program. Sign into to the ilock program using your new account credentials. Choose add new registration, and paste in the activation code you recieved from Fractal, after your purchase. This will unlock reverb. Run daw and scan fir new audio units and vst’s. Bingooooooooooo....oooo..oo...o
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