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  1. E

    Need help with the Ax8

    Hi, yesterday i got the ax8, it works fine until i want to use (USA model amps) if I use them there isn't output signal, even if i change to another amp that previusly worked the output signal would still be 0. To use the ax8 again i have to switch it off and turn it on . I noticed also that...
  2. H

    Axe Fx Mark II issue

    Hello my friends. I've been happily using my Axe Fx II from 4 years ago but everything went weird today. I just powered on my Axe and the screen showed me the last preset number I used but without the name. I can`t even control the Axe physically but with Axe Edit I can change presets (and the...
  3. J

    AX8 noise and volume issues

    Hi, I've had similar volume related problems on my ax8 which others have described. The volume randomly drops and sometimes returns to its original level on its own. Is there still no explanation to this problem? My setup is ax8 left xlr output-> audio interface -> computer if it matters. I have...
  4. P

    Expression Pedal Set Up Problem

    hi everyone, newish FM3 user here. Loving the unit so far and just took delivery of an EV2 expression pedal to use primarily as a modifier for amp gain in individual scenes. I have set up the pedal and calibrated it however it seems that it is functioning as a volume pedal the whole time. I...
  5. N

    Volume pan problem

    On every preset that have a volume/pan pedal in it i cant hear anything. The volume pedal on the knob draw is turn all the way down and doesnt react to anything i do, while the number is showing 10 (the number is reacting to my actions, you can see it in the pictures). If i want to hear the...
  6. J

    Preset change, volume problem

    I have a bit off problem with volume drops. Sometimes when i change my presets the volume drops? Volume is instantly much lower level when preset changed. I cant find any reason for this and it seems to happen randomly. It may be a bit problem, when playing a gig.. Anyone got same issues?
  7. Marciel Marcasso

    Three EV-2 pedals loses mechanical calibration and my solution (HELP PLZ)

    I have here 3 EV-2 pedals which unfortunately present the same problem. If I make gentle movements. everything works OK. But if I make quick or strong movements the pedal loses its mechanical calibration. And even I recalibrating (I made a video teaching this to help other people). after a...
  8. eNVy

    Is This Noise Floor/Feedback Normal?

    Hello all! I've had my my Ax8 for 2 months now and I've loved every moment of it (except for the conversion rate of USD to CAD). It's come to my attention that there may be an irregularity with my noise floor, more-so with my high gain presets. There is a hum in mid-high range frequencies when...
  9. J

    Something terribly wrong with my guitar tone...pickups?

    Hi gang! So I have a great tone (subjective of course) in my Axe Fx II and I have noticed there are some strange sounds generated when I play chords. Has anyone heard sounds like this before?Also there is no outside interference impacting the strings (like fans) So it's interesting the tone has...
  10. ABRfan1998

    [VIDEO] AX8 Buzzing Sound Across All Presets (not fixed with gate)

    Not sure if this is an issue due to me not knowing how to gate properly or what. I've tried different guitars, different cables, and different speakers. In the video I'm only using an input gate but even when I put a gate block in I can't get rid of the buzzing without trashing the tone. I just...
  11. M

    Not a Bug [Solved] sounds randomly change to garbage?

    Hi guys. I have been using my AX8 for quite some time now, and have never had a single problem until now. When I select one of my presets everything is fine for a little time (it's really random. Sometimes everything works 5 minutes, and sometimes it only work for a couple seconds). It sounds...
  12. J00McG00

    Multi Midi Axe Fx Problem

    Hey guys, I'm trying to set up 3 Axe FX II XL+ units for use with my band's live rig. At the moment, I've got all my patches and scene levels right, but now I'm trying to figure out how to program patch changes for all 3 units. I've got USB running into the first Axe, with cascading Midi Thru...
  13. D

    AX8 Green screen freeze on startup

    Hi! I tested my new AX8 yesterday and after importing few downloaded presets and enjoying the sounds I restarted the thing. Then it didn't start correctly with the flashing lights but only showed green frozen screen. I tried to restart by taking the power cable off for a few seconds and few...
  14. Hadean

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    Hi, members of the Axe FX fellowship ! I may need your precious help there. So I bought a brand new Axe FX 2xl + like 10 months ago… and since then haven’t been able to get a decent high gain tone. I don’t know, maybe my axe fx sounds just how it should and I just don’t like its tone. But for...
  15. R

    Problem with the edit

    Hi there. I am having some issues with the axe edit. I connect my ultra via midi-usb cable to the pc and open the axe edit. The ports of my midi interface are recognised but when i select them it result connected for few seconds and then appears an error message: "UNKNOWN DEVICE: THE VERSION...
  16. R

    Hole in between?

    Hi there. I am new here. I don't have the ax8 unit and don't know if i will but it. Some people tells me that when they change amps, there is a "big hole" in between, a sort of interrupted sound. Is that it?
  17. Bartosz Bocheński

    Problem with presets from FX II to XL+ :(

    Hello . Presets from FX II MARK 1 to XL +. After loading the preset by AXE EDIT, the effect settings in the block are reset. How can I solve this? Reinstal AXE EDIT - it does not help. Presets are from the same frimware. Thanks
  18. csrMark

    AX8 seem stuck and display is flashing

    I posted a thread about hearing my AX8 on my computer and it getting distorted. However, today. I disconnected my AX8 from my computer and plugged my Tele into the unit with a cable going out to my little Peavey rage amp sitting on the desk beside me. After about 2 minutes of playing the unit...
  19. Emanuel

    [HELP] Axe Fx II Mk II Screen Pixel Flicker

    Hi! My Axe Fx Screen started flickering half way through my last gig. There was nothing wrong with the sound but the screen just looked like it was playing up. I just want to know if this has happened to anyone? or if I should be worried. Check it out in the pics below... cheers guys
  20. Dorian

    Axe fx 2 / internal microphone

    Hi ! I take guitar lesson on skype (I play with headphones), my problem is that my teacher can either hear me talk or only hear me playing guitar because my computer only let me use the internal microphone or the Axe Fx as a microphone. Do you guys know any devices I could use so I could do...
  21. camilovelandiamusic

    FAS-FX Reverb Plugin Not Installing.

    Does anyone have this problem also? I just purchased the FAS-FX Reverb Plugin. It downloaded, and when I open to install, it tells me the developer's certificate is expired. I can still choose to install anyway, but when I do and it finalizes, the plugin doesn't show up anywhere. Can't find it...
  22. 1

    Synth block - pink noise height loss

    Today I tried to test the outputs of an Axe-Fx ii XL+ (Q8.02) with pink noise from the synth block (as described by Cliff ~somewhere in a Yek wiki, AFAIR). I made a new preset, just with synth block going straight to Out1. Out1 connected to DAW (RME fireface). SYNTH: Pink Noise, Track:Off...
  23. Volvagia

    Need help installing Axe FX drivers...

    Having some trouble installing the AXE drivers. I keep getting these errors. Can anyone help? I never had this issue installing the drivers before. Also what is XMOS and how is it related to Fractal?
  24. D.B. Walker

    EV-1 Expression pedal problem, pot falls off the teeth

    Hey there ... I use 4 EV-1 pedals ... I have a tendency to stomp on the back of the pedal to quickly turn them off. two of my pedals have started jumping the teeth on the gear on the pot. IT's like the velocity causes the spring to loosen on the thingy that moves the gears. Anyone else...
  25. Dorian

    No sound : Cubase

    Hi ! here is my problem, I'm using the axe fx 2 xl+ and cubase AI. the axe fx works perfectly, I use a USB cord and can use AXE EDIT when I use cubase, the software reconize the Axe fx, I changed the vst connections and followed the video on YouTube to reamp the axe fx but I don't have any...
  26. glombi

    Some presets do not upload with AX manage presets?!

    Hi, I have some issues loading presets (downloaded from Axe-Change) with drag & drop to my AX8 using AX manage presets: Patch ID 4918 loads without any issue (it's Q-4.x) ID5415 & ID5440 (Q-7.x) seem to upload fine, but do not appear in the presets?! I had this issue with other presets as...
  27. BillHoudini

    I think I fried my Axe FX Ultra. Solutions?

    Hello everyone. I'm as panicked as it gets right now, I just plugged in my guitar to practice for a Saturday gig and I saw that the input level was very low. My high gain presets can be heard like there is not cab connected and the input indication in the unit goes only until the first circle...
  28. A

    Can't get a sound though AXE FX II XL on my MacBook Pro.

    Hi guys. Recently I've switched from a Windows based notebook to MacBook Pro and now I'm facing extremely frustrating issue. After connecting my axe fx to macbook I can't hear any sound through my axe fx. Setup looks like: Axe FX via USB -> MacBook Pro | Headphones connected to headphones...
  29. toon000

    Reamping : Buzz on dry track after a few minutes

    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble with reamping. I record a dry track on my DAW and hearing the wet track through monitors. After a few minutes, my dry track becomes noisy with some buzz on it. The only way to get a clean sound back is to shut off and on my axe fx. Do you have any idea of...
  30. glombi

    Wah creaking (making strange noise)?

    Hi, I'm setting up my AX8 rig and face some potential problem with the wah block. I connected an BOSS FV500H as expression pedal and calibrated it. The wah is working, but I hear a strange kind of "creak" (sorry, not a native speaker), when operation the wah. I don't know this from my analogue...
  31. N

    MFC101 Tuner Issue

    Hello, Managed to get great sounds and I am enjoying more and more the Axe fx 2 everyday! But I have a little problem with the mfc101 mk3 tuner : whenever I press it, it'll do it's function, but I won't have any sound coming out after I'm done tuning (to clarify I press once to tune, then...
  32. Robots Among Humans

    Noisy Hiss with all Patches, HELP TOUR NEXT WEEK!

    I am experiencing a strange hiss on all patches, stock and my own. I literally wasted 4 hours of what was supposed to be reheasal with my band tearing apart our live rack searching for ground loops bad cables everything! even brought my unit home and am still experiencing the same RF sounding...
  33. SoProg

    Control Switch Modifier Lag Problem

    Hey all. So, I was one of those people who was posting a bunch about an issue I was experiencing when making a clean/rhythm/lead preset using amp gain modifiers. The problem was that when I would change scenes going from high gain to low, there would be a very loud sound, seemingly because when...
  34. SoProg

    Help I have another problem -_- expression pedal vol/wah

    Hi guys, You've been mostly helpful in the past by suggesting approaches to problems I have with my AX8, so, here's another one. So I have this preset ( I know you're gonna ask for it, I can post later, I just want to know if anyone can solve this off the top of their head), I am using an...
  35. SoProg

    HELP! Loud Bad Noise After FW Update.

    Hi all, I need some help here. Hopefully quickly because next week is my first gig with the AX8, but only if this problem can be solved. So, I have this preset that I use for my band, it's got 4 scenes (clean,crunch,highgain,solo). It's been my go to patch based on the EVH5150. But, after...
  36. SoProg

    Problem with modifiers! FIXED IN Q3.02!

    Hello all, This is my first post, but I've been lurking since last October, learning as much as I can before I got my AX8. So, I just got the ax8 and am loving it. There was a concern about being able to have a good clean and a good dirty sound in the same preset with reasonable switching...
  37. S

    Tone Matching problem

    Hello my fractal audio fellas! I have had this problem a while now, or i don't really know is it a problem or just nature of tone matching. But whenever i am trying to tone match, let's just say Metallica's Orion guitar track for example, i can get pretty close result but i certainly hear that...
  38. S


    Hello guys I'm having this error on my AXE fx 2 XL. I already try to upload the software but the problem still there do you have any solution for this? Thanks
  39. C

    XLR Outputs not working suddenly [NOT A BUG]

    Hey guys! First post but it is a pretty crucial one. I have had my Axe Fx II XL for a bit more than a year with no problems. But yesterday suddenly my XLR outs stopped working, but the 1/4" are working fine. Tried different cables and settings. I haven't dropped or done anything to the AFII...
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