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  1. pepsodent

    Sonarworks with Axe-Fx output?

    Has anyone around here tried Sonarworks Reference 4? It works well with my speakers and my headphones but while using my AXE II as a sound card I can only get it to work when I play back recorded audio in my DAW. Seems logical enough, I suppose. I'm just wondering if there's any way at all I...
  2. C

    FS IZOTOPE NECTAR2 Vocal Plugin

    I am selling this plugin license for $50 ( paid $200 few years back). This is more or less a high end vocal production suite plugin that has everything you need to record and mix with. Here are a few youtube links if your not familiar.
  3. C

    AX8 Verb vs Slate VerbSuite

    Hey everyone, I've been a long time user of the AX8. Love it! However, I just started getting back into songwriting and I plugged my unit to Reaper to lay down a few ideas. I decided to add the VerbSuite plugin to play around with verb sounds and holy cow! My guitar just came to life. The...
  4. camilovelandiamusic

    FAS-FX Reverb Plugin Not Installing.

    Does anyone have this problem also? I just purchased the FAS-FX Reverb Plugin. It downloaded, and when I open to install, it tells me the developer's certificate is expired. I can still choose to install anyway, but when I do and it finalizes, the plugin doesn't show up anywhere. Can't find it...
  5. Per Boysen

    FAS shop declined Visa - how to buy?

    I just tried to buy the FAS Reverb plugin from Sweden and got my Visa card declined: Gateway Response: This transaction has been declined. Payment declined. Please verify your information or change your payment method by selecting a new payment method below. Any ideas how to get this...
  6. S

    Ministry Of Rock (drums)

    Hi guys! I really wanted to update my software drummer and i came across that East West Ministry Of Rock plugin, even thou it's not just a drum vst but still it sound fricking amazing! I just wish there to be more demo videos in YouTube since it's goddamn expencive software to buy so i want to...
  7. Igor Paspalj

    Van Halen - Eruption with FAS Reverb

    Just started playing with FAS Reverb, and here's a quick try of Eruption. Few mistakes here and there, though... :) I recorded dry guitar with Axe FX II and then applied FAS Reverb in Logic. Btw, Reverb is AWESOME (that's why I cranked MIX more, compared to original recording, lol), too many...
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