Fan Noise

Just installed Noctua NF-A8 ULN using lowest speed connector and rubber stands. Now it's so much better/quiter than with stock fan, but I can still hear the fan, is it normal or something wrong with me?
I did that too & had the same result. I found that lining the mounting flange with tape before re-installing the top helped, but I still can hear it. My III is about two feet from my ears and not in a rack.

Danny W.
I just put the noctua nf a8 in, and I aslo strapped a piece of scrap memory foam to the lid to lessen the resonance in the case. I would say before the noise was driving me crazy, this is on a brand new axe fx lll turbo. I could hear the fan over my speakers , and when having on headphones!

Now I barely notice that its on when the room is silent. It saids arms reach away from me on my desk. Now I could def record acoustic instruments with the mic 3 feet from it. I mounted it with the rubber screws things the noctua come with, and I put rubber padding under the mounting plate, and on top of the plate where the screws go into the long mounts on the circuit board. basically nothing is rigid and tight. everything has a little wiggle room, but still tight. That made a huge difference
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