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Fan Noise

Alex Kerezy

When I first fired my axe-fx iii it was extremely quiet, with just a slight soft, gentle, whispering hum coming from the unit. The fan.

But I've noticed in the past month, the fan noise seems louder?

The noise is there when nothing (no instrument input) is plugged into the axe. Knowing the under the hood it's there's a processor that needs cooling.

Any thoughts?????


Get a nice Noctua or similar quiet fan, which mounts using those little silicon tabs opposed to bolts and it will solve any issues with vibration, nois etc. Also will run for about 15 years of operation.

Was thinking of doing this, but wouldn’t it void warranty?

My mark v:25 has a fan too, which surprised me as it’s noticeable.


Actually the problem was the lock nuts were too tight. The fan is mounted on rubber bushings but the nuts were too tight compressing the bushings.
Right... I knew it was related to the mounting. Didn't remember the details and figured support would get them sorted out ;)


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I have also noticed my fan getting louder. Don't want to send my baby to the US, I'd miss her too much!! Is there a DIY fix we can do without voiding warranty?


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I have also noticed my fan getting louder. Don't want to send my baby to the US, I'd miss her too much!! Is there a DIY fix we can do without voiding warranty?
Try loosening the nuts that compress the bushings on the fan assembly. It shouldn't void your warranty if you don't mess anything else up.


My first fan was very noisy. G66 sent me a replacement. That helped a lot, but the noise level is still annoying. My axe-II was dead silent, so I guess I will try out a new fan.
Any recomendations?


I've got a unit with a noisy fan as well. At first, everything is considerably quiet, but after 5-10 minutes, the fan becomes very sonorous and audible. Since I put the AX-FXIII into a rack bag, the noise is somewhat dampened but definitely still very noticeable in my otherwise quiet bedroom. I usually play with headphones, so it hasn't been a big issue and I haven't been motivated to do something about it. Still, it made me wonder at the time about comments on here that spoke of whisper quiet noise levels. That is certainly not the case with my unit.


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My buddy just got an AxIII and his is super noisy too. I am thinking of upgrading from my Ax8 but am thinking of waiting until they figure this out


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Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what "super noisy" is. If nothing else is going on, I can hear my III with my headphones on. Is this bad? I don't know. I was surprised by it, but I get that it's normally a rack mount device, and those almost always need cooling fans. Moving air is usually noisy by the time you meet certifications, minimum opening sizes, etc.

I would be up trying a different fan if something has a good recommendation on a replacement that would fit in the existing spot and would actually be whisper quiet.
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