Drum VSTs - how do you program your MIdI??

I play an electronic drum kit (Roland VAD 506) and generate a midi track. I do corrections to my timing and beats in midi, then I use Superior Drummer 3 for the drum samples and for mixing.
Do you generate a MIDI track for each pad/trigger?
The Roland interface generates one midi track with each pad assigned to different notes including things like rim shots and open/closed hi hats. I also generate an audio track for reference while playing each part. It's nice because Superior Drummer 3 recognizes each note without having to reassign anything. My kit is very good at accurate triggering as well which makes cleaning up the midi way easier.
I totally get that. Tons of fun. :)

Drums are what had the Police paying me a visit last Friday. They did compliment
me that it was cool to hear "live" music. I was impressed that they could tell the
difference while they pounded on the door incessantly to get my attention. :)
Late for the Party, but non the less. I use superior drummer 2 and almost always use trigger 2 to get more smack and punch from the kick and snare. For brutal metal i use soundtoys devil lock on the toms. I program via the computer keyboard and a mouse. And if the song needs it I will adjust every single hit in the song to make it feel more alive. Can easily say I hate programming drums by now!!! Hahaha
revisiting this thread as I'm going to be experimenting with a new work flow once I get my Roland E kit in the next week or so. I've used Akai MPD and keyboards up til now to finger drum so now I guess I'm going try and learn actual drumming to trigger SD3. I have a feeling I'll be editing the shit out of my noob drumming ...but...I think I'll have more fun now doing it! I think it will feel a bit more 'organic' to record a riff idea, loop it, and work out a basic kick/snare/hihat pattern as a scratch pad.
bit of an older vid on my youtube feed from Ryan 'Fluff' (riff beards & gear) on his process using superior drummer. He's using a very simple approach but does highlight a good feature of eZ drummer/Superior Dummer of the Tap to find if you're not familiar. About half way in the vid shows that part. He's mainly using the midi patterns in the software and using computer keyboard to key in the snare hits to approximate the feel he's looking for. Using a pad type surface or midi keys would obviously be that much better but he gets the job done for what is needed

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