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Does the AX8 have a Song or Set List mode?


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I have GAS and thinking about buying an AX8. I already own an Axe-Fx II Mark 1 and used to have a MFC-101 Mark I but replaced it with a FAMC Liquid Foot+ (LF+) Pro+. My Axe-Fx II rig is in my practice room, so I end up using my Line 6 Pod Studio UX2 with Pod Farm 2.5 most of the time which really isn't very inspiring to play through.

I use my Pro+ in Song mode and have a foot switch set to select a song and another set to Preset Up, so I only have to step on 1 foot switch to go through all the presets in the song, so I never have to remember what foot switch or preset to select. I usually press the Preset Up foot switch for every section in the song, even if they use the same preset but have my Axe-Fx II set to ignore repeated Program Changes. I know it's kind of lazy but it helps to only have to focus on playing.

Can the AX8 do the same thing?

I'm trying to figure out if I could just leave my Axe-Fx II in my home studio and replace it with an AX8, so I could easily carry it around instead of my 4 space rack and huge Pro+ pedal.


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no. there is not a set mode. But coming from the mfc with song mode, I just copy and paste the presets and give them song names and arrange them with ax manage. Takes a little to get set up but once you have a preset for every song adding additional songs isn't so bad.


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I think with the banks being 1- 8 presets in 64 banks and what paranoid said above makes it doable without to much work. I do something similar using the banks for a set of songs, with scenes in each preset. I do this really just as an organizational type thing since I am only in a home studio these days. But it makes things easier for me and wasn't much trouble to set up. Love the 1-8 presets and 64 Banks..............


The problem is that if you copy and paste preset to have one for each song and you don't have global blocks if you do some tweaking the. It's a nightmare to replicate it in every song :-(
In a live setup we really need global blocks at least for amps and cabs


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Some spend to much time tweaking, but for some global would be nice. the block library helps a little if you use the same blocks in many presets.
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