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Vendor David Gilmour - The Wall Preset V3.1

Roby Rocks

Hi People!!!
For "The Sound of Gilmour" series, one year ago I tried to recreate the sound of David Gilmour from the album The Wall, with my AX8.
A few months ago I've re-make it also for Fractal Axe-Fx III, and in this days I realized the FM3 version (named V3.1).
The V3 version (for Axe-Fx III) was a really new version not a FracTool conversion! ...and it sounds really much better than original for AX8!
With this V3.1 version the Preset was designed in order to respect the FM3 limits (lower DSP power, reduced grid, some less parameters, etc.)
In this preset I used several guitars, for different kind of sound.
Get it from my website: http://www.robyrocks.it/patchpreset/fm3/fm3.html

It based on Hiwatt DR103 with Factory-Cab.
I Played:
Fender Stratocaster (Black Strat Replica)
Gibson Les Paul Traditional (2013)
Fender Telecaster (Workmate Replica)

Roby Rocks

Scene 1 The happiest day of our lives/Another Brick in the wall
Scene 2 Another Brick in the wall pt.2 (rhythm part, and clean parts on other songs)
Scene 3 Another Brick in the wall pt.2 (solo part)
Scene 4 Comfortably Numb (rhythm part, and distorted parts on other songs)
Scene 5 Comfortably Numb (solo part, and lead parts on other songs)
Scene 6 Run like Hell

Suggested Guitars: Fender Stratocaster or similar with vintage Single-Coil. (main)
Gibson Les Paul or similar with Humbucker or P90 PickUps. (Another brick solo part)
Fender Telecaster or similar with vintage Single-Coil. (Run Like Hell)
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