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dave gilmour

  1. Roby Rocks

    Vendor David Gilmour - The Wall Preset V3.1

    Hi People!!! For "The Sound of Gilmour" series, one year ago I tried to recreate the sound of David Gilmour from the album The Wall, with my AX8. A few months ago I've re-make it also for Fractal Axe-Fx III, and in this days I realized the FM3 version (named V3.1). The V3 version (for Axe-Fx...
  2. Burgs

    DG '75: Preset and video demo.

    By request for @fafakiwi. Wish You Were Here tones based on the info I could find on the Gilmourish site and my 70s-centric ears. 8 Scenes of fun that you should be able to use in all sorts of applications, really ... maybe with the exception of 'Radio' - Scene 5. Have fun. Tweak to taste, etc...
  3. nhgtrman

    Pink Floyd - Time - Solo Cover

    Well…it’s a crazy time we are all experiencing right now, and we are being absolutely devastated here in Vegas as this town runs on tourism and entertainment. All shows/entertainment/conventions etc are closed and on hold here for the foreseeable future and almost everyone I know is now out of...
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