Dad Jokes

This is so weird. Here's a true story from my Wednesday trip to take a bag of trash to the dump.

Next to the box where you drop your $1 for the bag of trash there is a chair where the
attendant sits. On it was a book of Dad Jokes. I commented how much my son would
hate it if I had that book and actually used it. The lady said, "Take it. Someone threw it out."

I said, "Yeah, probably some Dad's poor Son or Daughter." :)

I grabbed it. It's still in my truck.
Bunch of show offs! Lovin' it! Keep 'em comin'!

On a more philosophical note: After I posted this I was contemplating the fact that the beauty of a truly great Dad Joke is that it can keep you chuckling for hours...even if it was your own joke!
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