Cooper Carter's FM9 Masterclass

Sorry if you've already answered this Cooper, but I didn't see it. Will you be offering an bundle of all courses (Axe III. FM3, FM9) when the FM9 course is available?
Finally a release date of 12/1/2022 for the FM9 Master Class has been announced on Cooper's website! Line forms behind me!
I forgot that this forum is international. I wrote my date as United States standard format. "mm-dd-yyyy" December 1st.
I took the FM3 course from Cooper and found it to be very helpful......I am looking forward to taking the FM9 course as well.....almost as much as I am looking forward to actually GETTING an FM9....
I have been doing this forever with Fractal. I still get info every time CC releases something. But he does not have cool hair or a killer accent like Leon Todd. So big props to LT in the hissy. Lol
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