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Cooper Carter's FM9 Masterclass


Wondering if the FM9 Masterclass has enough new content from the FM3 Masterclass. Any responses from purchasers of both would be appreciated. I own the AxeII and the FM3 classes.



Well, considering it isn't available as of yet, I'm not sure how to answer that one? I have the FM3 and Axe III classes and I've found pieces from both that were great.

Cooper Carter

Fractal Fanatic
Now we are in Q3 ....

Indeed we are.

I'm sure you're aware that there has been no supply of FM9s due to worldwide production issues. With so few units in the field thus far, filming and releasing the class made little sense, given firmware has continued to evolve rapidly over the last several months.

It will be worth the wait, promise! This is the best class I've put together, so far, imo.
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