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Converting complex Axe-Fx III presets to FM3



This is not a conversion tutorial as such, but an insight on how I proceeded to convert my Axe-Fx III presets to FM3 format. Loading a Axe-Fx III preset directly into the FM3 wouldn't work for me and my complex presets, so the initial work has to be done with Axe-Fx III edit : making everything fit in a 4x12 grid, and compensating for the fact that the FM3 has only 1 Amp/1 Cab etc., and much less CPU available. The original Axe-Fx III versions are quite complex, so I had to find a way to do it... I recorded the conversion procedure in real time, removed some parts to shorten the video (and remove horrible clams in my playing), so here it is ! My apologies, I'm not explaining everything, so some attention will be needed to understand the reason behind some of the tweaks.

I have way over 500 presets to convert, this is going to take some time :)
Appropriate for my 3000th post, a track I did a few years ago... how do I get it to the producers of the movie? ;-)

Back to the thread : I had to remove the wha in the FM3 versions of both preset. But maybe I can remove the compressor instead ; I like my clean sounds with a bit of compression, but just for looping a single chord or a few ones, I can probably do without !
Hello Thib,

I'm considering buying a Fractal unit, must be a FAQ but not sure if I should go for a used AX8 or rather a new FM3? Prices are quite similar, maybe a little cheaper for a used AX8.

2nd question, are you going to convert your Pink Floyd presets to the FM3 too?

1 : FM3 for sure, 2 : yes ! But it will take more time than expected. I'm working on conversions of all my packs, but doing so I found a firmware bug. I need it to be solved before releasing anything - except the acoustic pack, which doesn't use amp models. I'm already in touch with the support team regarding the bug.
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