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Best custom in ears - advice needed?


For custom molded in-ears, the prices for the different models you linked are actually on the inexpensive side.
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All of the custom brands are all on par with each other, personal choice seldom is made from experience with different brands, so someone will say X is the best, without any comparison. Find what has the specs you need, and the price point you require. Custom molds are always better than universal fit ones, for comfort and seal. IMHO


Best advice I can offer is don't pay for more than 4 drivers, its wasted money IMO. I own 64 Audio and Westone custom molds and had JH audio customs which died. Most are good buys as long as you get a good custom mold of your ears. None of them are particularly cheap, but they all sounded good.


I have no comparison of other custom brands but I love my 64 audios

I had Sure standard fit ones with my Carvin system... and hated it. I upgraded to Sennheiser ex 300 and things got better - but I still hated it. I bought 64 audio custom fit (3 drivers) and WOW. BIG difference. So much more isolation and clarity. Best sound I've ever had on stage.
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