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Bassman challenge


Ok, someone please replicate this sound in the AxeFX. I'll be up front about it and say that I don't think this is possible in the current AxeFX II (FW 5.01) but really really hope someone proves me wrong. If you can get this sound please post an audio clip and preset if you would be so generous.

It's a straight 60's Tweed Bassman
Best between 0:36 - 1:14

1960 Tweed Bassman-Hendrix Tone Sound Check #1 - YouTube

I don't intend this to be a negative thread. It's simply my pursuit for the ultimate tones given the tools that I have.


It sounds like he has a spring reverb before the amp and you are also hearing a vibrant room. The amp certainly has a lot of mojo though.


Sounds like the Tweed Bassman 59 to me... Have you played around with some different IR's and the Transformer settings? Then put a tape drive set to HV tube AFTER the amp.
BK-Amps, I agree the Spring reverb was before the amp.


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We obviously need Cliff to give us a torn tolex parameter...that's got to be it. :)

Does sound great, but I also hear a lot of the room in there and he is tuned down to D (not sure if he means drop or a complete step), but that could make it sound a bit fatter. I also hear some compression by the recording device used and a little bit of clipping even though it's not your typical nonpleasant clipping, just colors the tone a bit to me.


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no AxeII here yet, bit I'm game :D

I recorded the bit you mentioned and ran a frequency analyser

as you can see, there's an interesting dip just below 1kHz.
I found one stock IR (Gen1) that looks similar, the 1x8 Tweed (bear with me...)

what I will do (once the Axe is here) is to set up a basic bassman + 1x8 Tweed patch and tweak it a little bit to get closer, most likely no match, but closer.

then, I'll remove the cab and record the raw output of the amp sim.
With this and the recording from the file I can create a custom IR that'll closely match the above sound - hopefully.
No, I won't use any automatic EQ matching, since the results are always flawed. I've been doing this for some time and the results of a filter constructed by hand and ear is always better than, well you know... the other way.


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You know what, he's also got a deflector in front and the placement of the camera mic isn't exactly what I'd call a typical location. I'd think that a room mic'd IR would get you closer to that specific sound.


Thanks for responding everyone. The guy says it's straight into the bassman but there's obviously spring reverb before the amp (not sure why he doesn't say so - I thought maybe the amp had that built in but after looking up the controls I see that it doesn't). Other than that he engages the wah early and then clicks it off for most of the first section.

His settings on the amp appear to be:

Presence : 8
Middle : 6.5
Bass : 1
Treble : 7
Vol Bright : 4
Vol Normal : 0
Plugged into Bright input 1 (6dB higher gain than input 2)

What I'm primarily interested in is the "knock" and "swirl" that this clip exhibits.

I'll try the suggestions and report back. I had tried with "59 Bassguy" amp + "4x10 Bassguy P10(RW). I also tried the 4x10 Tweed Bass. Most of the knock was present after I picked with my fingers. Sometimes I try using a compressor without makeup volume just before the amp to simulate "knock" but it didn't seem necessary in this case (I'll post another challenge where I think this is necessary). I could not get the swirl or the grinding when he starts playing chords. There may be a slight hint of it but nothing close to what I hear in the real amp. I assume this would be contained in the amp model so I proceeded to adjust settings without much luck.

Maybe someone who can play this style better than me could post a clip. I'll try hard :0)


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I could not get the swirl or the grinding when he starts playing chords. There may be a slight hint of it but nothing close to what I hear in the real amp.
he most likely worked the volume control on his guitar also, I doubt it's all in the picking.


PS was this thread moved? I could have sworn this was in the AxeII discussion, not preset exchange. It would be nice if a mod would say why. I don't like the limited exposure in preset exchange. Oh well.


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It was in the preset exhange when I first saw it. I actually thought that it was rather strange that it was in there since there was no preset....yes I was looking for a handout. :)


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I'd love to get my hands on a '63 Fender Tube Reverb for some measurements.
great sounding units!

I wonder why there are no IRs available (that I know of)?



Here's my latest attempt. It's not that close in the qualities I'm hearing in the youtube clip and it may not work for everyone. It has lots of bass so it might fart out your speaker if it can't handle it. You can reduce the bass in any number of places but you might want to do it on the cabs (but not too much). It has a tube drive after the amp with the HV type which is something that I haven't done before. It helps.

Play with a finger pick, neck pickup, strat (I'm using a Parker), back off the volume control a bit.


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Hendrix on 1960 Fender Tweed Bassman and 1964 Super Reverb - YouTube
Same guy but with his 1964 Super Reverb/ 1960 Bassman. Playing starts around 4:45.

Damn that's a nice sound together! He plays them separately as well at the start, they sound cool on their own but that's one tasty combo. In this video it gives you a better look at what he has on the floor as well, i'm not sure what he was/ wasn't using in that other video but there might be some similar bits of kit?


OK, here's my pitiful attempt. I am complete noob at this kind of thing but this was an enjoyable challenge and a good way to get to know the Axe some more.

Followed many of the suggestions in this thread, the tape drive after the amp was something I was already doing quite a bit. Spring reverb before the amp. PEQ to suck out about 900hz. Couldn't get the 'snap' I wanted from the 1x8 tweed so mixed in the 1x6 oval and switched the amp voicing to 'vintage'. Seems to snap plenty now.

Tried messing around with a filter after the reverb controlled by an envelope follower to get the thing to 'breathe' a bit. You can hear this type of effect on the recording but I think it's some kind of compression kicking in with the recording rather than the amp. Not sure if my attempt to emulate it really works that well but it was worth a shot. I think a lot of the 'swirl' (not really sure what that means) is actually the due to the reverb rather than the amp. There's also a lot of saturation from the cheapo mic on this recording, sometimes it sounds good but sometimes it's clipping horribly and sucking the life out of it IMO (especially towards the end).

For more bottom end crack up the speaker size in the tweed cab. I'm done tweaking now.

I dunno if it's possible to replicate that tone exactly but this amp in the Axe sure has a lot of mojo!



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Uploaded the wrong one last night.

Here you go. It was cool working on something like this since the last time I've worked this deep on a preset was with the Ultra. Theres probably a few spots in there that I kind of screwed something up (the amp's speaker adjustments mostly), but I love the way that this sounds with the volume and toned rolled off just a bit so that it cleans up.

Probably had the tone on the neck pickup rolled back too far, but I split my index finger the other day from being out in the cold all week and it kind of hurts to play. Plus I'm a hack anyway so it's not going to get much better.



I really like your tone in this recording!!! I too got a little obsessed with trying to copy the tone. :twisted
I thought it would be a great learning experience as I am a new to Fractal user (axeII).

In the past, I never really took the time to create presets with any of the other modelers I have owned. Now that I have the best modeler known to mankind I am actually trying hard to learn the device which is (to me) somewhat time consuming as I always wanted "plug and play" solutions in the past.
I am Fractalized and seem to go down the rabbit hole of discovery bliss!!!

Since I purchased in July I have barely "practiced to advance" as a guitar player as I am OCD'ing with this miracle machine!:mrgreen.

So I hope to soon post my preset attempt at this Bassman challenge as it is soooo cool to learn this device in this context of a challenge.8)
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