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  • oh ok. I Didn't know about the 48 kHz thingy I'll have to redo it. I downloaded the demo version of voxengo deconvolver. Are there any specific parameters that I need to set when making custom IRs for the Ultra. I don't have an axe fx 2.

    I tried to use the deconvolver before and I selected the the test tone (in 48kHz) and the wav that I recorded through the pedal (which was in 44.1kHz). I pressed process and I got a wav file. I played it in winamp and it was silent. have I done something wrong (other than the wrong sample rate?).
    What am I supposed to then do with the wav file to convert it to sysex and load into my ultra?
    Hey Don!

    Everything is fine I hope? Just wanted to ask you a question: I seem to recall that you have (or at least had) a Axon AX100mkII, according to your signature pic some while ago.
    My question is if you have had, or are having grounding issues with your? If so how did you deal with it and/or solve it?

    I´ve been using my AX100mkII together with my Clavia G2 Engine just at home. Messing around a little trying to get familiar with that combo, but noticed last time that there were some grounding buzz. Some of the problem I guess is that the G2 Engine are using a non-grounded psu cord. They weren´t in a rackcase at that time, just lying on top of each other at a table.

    But thinking of that I want to implement these units in my rack, I really don´t want to add buzz... (got enough of it already in that rack, and that´s another problem I also have to take care of... aaahhh so much to do, in so little time). Do you have any experience/knowledge you want to share?


    MBC as a limiter topic:

    The MBC doesn't have look ahead, so I assumed it couldn't do as good of a job as the standard comp w/lookahead.
    Yes ?
    hi Don...re: the Har bal....how have you used it?
    I'm THE classic rock tone guy...and wanna dial in as close as possible on some.

    thank Mark
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