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  • Hello Don!

    Everything is ok, much at work most of the time lately. But I have actually been home with my 3-year son today (sick: impetigo).

    G2 engine is a very advanced and fun synth. If you ever comes across one, get it. I highly recommend it! It seems very underrated from people in general (when it still existed). They don´t seem to understand the vast potential with that unit. It can really become the centre core of anyones rig. But it sucks time like a black hole, even the demo-software.

    I´m starting to think if my graph-tech installation in my guitar may have went wrong somewhere. I did it myself, but problem is that I don´t trust myself sometimes. So I guess I have to check that up. By the way, what kind of pickup system do you use?

    Thanks for the tips about rotating the power plug! I can´t recall that I ever tried that, so I probably didn´t. But that´s an easy thing to start with...

    Hey Mike,

    everything is fine, thanks for asking, how are you?

    Yes, I do have a AX100MkII, although I have to admit I haven't used it in a shockingly long time. (That might change if I had a chance to score a G2 engine) :)
    I never had any groung buzz/hum issues with it, tho. Are you sure you're using the original power cord? A two prong plug without ground from a european company would be strange.
    I'm not a grounding issue expert and have little/no theoretical knowledge about those things, but the usual remedies are rotating the power plug in the socket and using different power outlets fot the two units.
    That seems to help sometimes.

    hope this helps a bit

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