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Barefoot Buttons


I just may be the minority here but I'm not a fan of the big buttons... but as long as they make your tone better that's what matters!

And nice Gilmore sig quote OP... I think I've seen that somewhere before :D
Well I can definitively say that BIG, COLORFUL SMALL/TALL BUTTONS make it a mmmuch higher probability of my tone being correct, when I'm doing the pedal dance right before I hit the vocals OR a lead. I really like the STAGGERED pattern David Brewster uses.
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James Harvey

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We are almost there people! I WILL ONLY SEND THE CODE TO YOU IF YOU MESSAGE ME ON THIS FORUM! THIS IS NOT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC.The coupon code will ONLY be good for 5 days from when I get the code (Sunday 1PM)and send it to you(it will be the same day) There is minimum order of six(6). The discount will be 35% off of RETAIL for the regular size and 25% off of the Tall Boys.THAT IS OVER DOUBLE THE 15% WHOLESALE DISCOUNT FOR 6 regulars .... WE are getting 1st crack at getting the new colored Tall Boys too. The general public WILL NOT have access to them, only us, for the next 5 days...Only snag, the new Tall Boys are only available in Black, Red, and Silver right now. If you want the Clear ones, they will honor your discount when they arrive(approximately 2weeks)." We will honor the coupon to those who want the Clear Tallboys by invoicing them with the discount, then shipping the buttons that ARE in stock. That way you can get your discount buttons right away and be the first to get the clears when they are stocked. Just let me know how many clears you want in the comments box, when you order NOW and I will contact YOU (THE BUYER) when the time is right." -Brett(from Barefoot Buttons)
Hoping there is a coupon code for 2018. I have my cart loaded and ready to order.


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No, they are just the regular clear versions..... I did not go for the tall ones as I didn't see the need. I don't have any issues reaching the back row of switches. I just wanted a larger surface to hit....
hey man... the word on the street seems to be that the clear ones aren't as strong as the aluminium ones, they can break subsequently after some use, how has your experience been, have they withstood the odd "hard hit of your foot"? as it can happen at a gig with any guitarist.


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I like them. I would like to see a smaller diameter version , just taller , for better view of the indicator lights.
Of course , they would no longer be "barefoot" buttons. They'd be "Tall Boy Slims".


IMG_0212.JPG Just got my barefoots !
Never really had any problems hitting the right switches with my small feets, so this was ment to be a more cosmetic upgrade. Man, I was really blown away !
Looks glorious and the new "feel" is great !
Another tip for all the ladies and crossdressers out there. If you go with the "tallboys" in the upper row, you could probably get away with stiletto heels !!:D
Great work barefoot.com !!


QUOTE="reclavea, post: 1583888, member: 8744"]Works awesome! Really makes my AX8 a lot more easy and convenient to execute switching! www.barefootbuttons.com


Your setup is similar to mine with the Voes and Barefoot
Just wondering, what's the case you're using?


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Glad I checked this before I ordered. Couldn't remember what version I have now....senior s are allowed that moment......
Btw, I got them at Sweetwater, free delivery for $8.95 each for the regular sixe, not tallboys. I already have the tallboys where needed.
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