Banned from TGP

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Banned from TGP for pointing out that a notorious troll is back with an alter ego.

Ridiculous. The good guy gets punished while the bad guy gets to continue to abuse the system.

The Mods there power-trip, are hypocritical, and are one of the biggest detriments to that
being a viable place for sharing relevant information for the aspiring, and gigging, guitarist.

Most threads are endless streams of bad comedy and the dumbing down of the subject at
hand. I guess that is all well and dandy, though.

I completely loathe the place. Consider it an honour to be banned, Cliff. Even moreso to be
I think it’s a business first and foremost and they care more about catering to their base demographic and continued revenue sources than anything else.

As long as they keep the right type of people coming there, and those certain type of people are the target market for their advertisers things will stay the same

Now maybe if FAS started paying for those banner ads and was the top revenue source to the site they’d quickly change the moderation lol
Same. Left due to the d!ckish a-hole moderator ways of “Big Mike”. Came down on the good people and not on the clowns. Left and life has been much better without that place. Was a pretty frequent posting member for 10 years.

Yup. Sounds familiar. I know other builders/owners of music related business who
felt the exact same way and were banned. I also know that revenue is such that
views matter more than valid content----hence, The Gutter Page.
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