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Axe-Fx III -> Neural DSP or Amplitube 5! Love it!


New Member
So my signal chain will go from my Axe into Neural DSP like Plini or Amplitube and I'm LOVING the tones I'm getting. For the Axe I go from input->compressor->Distortion->Amp->output. I will use VSTs for other distortions/effects on top and use their cabs. If you focus on cleaning up the signal to noise ratio in your axe-fx, you will have some fantastic sounds by the end. To me, I have gotten significantly better sounds than if I was to use just the axe or just vsts. Has anyone else used this method?

Brian Angiel

Depending on which Neural plug-in you’re using, you may be able to extract the cabinets from the application files and import them into your Axe. I know the IRs that are built into Cali are readily accessible.

I can’t say I’ve done this because it just seems like a lot of setup for little reward. I’ve never found the “anything” in the Axe to be lacking compared to whatever else I have in my collection.
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