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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.02, Axe-Edit 1.01.09 and FC Firmware 1.08


Fractal Audio Systems
Axe-Fx III Firmware:
[EDIT]Firmware removed due to Filter block modifier bug[/EDIT]


FC Firmware:

Note: The Axe-Fx III and FC firmware are backwards compatible. You don't need to update the FC firmware to use Axe-Fx III firmware 6.02 and vice-versa. To get the benefits of the improved communications over long cables both the Axe-Fx III and FC need to be updated.

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Added LFO to Filter block. When enabled, the LFO will modulate the frequency of the filter between the Frequency and the Mod. Frequency. The local LFO simplifies modulated filtering and frees up the global LFOs for other tasks.

Added adjustable filter to Plex block wet signal. Filter can be any of the standard types (all types except comb filter types). Frequency, Q and Gain are modifiable.

Added Shimmer Verb type to Plex block.

The Mode parameter in the IR Player block has been replaced by a Length parameter.

Changed Home page behavior so that menu stays on selected tab when returning. Pressing HOME while on the Home page resets to first tab.

FC: Improved communication reliability when using very long cables (requires FC firmware version 1.08).

FC: Fix preset tempo being used when global is selected .

FC: Add Layout Inc/Dec function.
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In this video I show a few of the new things that are in Firmware 6.02.

Also notice that the Home screen Quick Knob functions have changed a bit. We now have a direct way to get to FC Setup by pushing Knob D, and Tuner, Layout and Controllers have shifted over to the left by one. With the new Perform Tabs, we don't really need that Amp1 quick jump anymore.

00:31 - Filter LFO function
05:13 - Shimmer Verb (Plex Delay Block)
7:49 - New Perform Tab setup in Axe-Edit
12:33 - FC - Layout Inc/Dec with Wrapping
13:58 - New Home Screen Quick Control functions
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Fractal Fanatic
Had a feeling we might get a firmware Friday today. Have a big show tomorrow night. Guess I'll do a backup tonight, load up 6.02 and see how it goes!
Thanks Cliff!
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