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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05


Fractal Fanatic
I wonder if there will be another update before Ax fest got to figure Cliff and Co are pretty
Loving the current firmware
I think the only thing i could still wish for is the Archon so i can sell mine :)
And fund the FC


I'm having trouble with control switches, searched but couldn't find similar reports. On 5.05 and FC 1.05.

Assign CS1 to Amp Block level on channel A. CS off in scenes 1 & 2 on in scene 3. Amp level doesn't change and the "input" graph in the modifier window doesn't change when looking at the different scenes.

Patch attached....... OK, that was weird...

I had a patch that showed the problem, then, just for grins, I hit the button labeled "Reset All" in the CS Per Scene window and it started working. So, again, here's a patch where it doesn't work, then try hitting "Reset All" and see if it works. Still broken to me if that is the case...



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The presets I tried in the new firmware sound good so far. I just had to raise the volume level a bit to match where it was before.
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