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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

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I had to lower my input (it was clipping more than before) volume control on my guitar is more responsive than before..……… also it seems to have come alive more and had to tweak my presets a bit on the high end treble...……. so far so good!


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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes

Improved amp modeling.
Improved speaker compliance algorithm.
Improved algorithms for modulation effects.
Improved Tone Match block graphs.

Added “EQ Off / On” control to Amp block. This modifiable parameter turns the graphic EQ on and off.
Fixed IR Capture utility sometimes not working in Cab+DI mode.
Fixed slow response in IR Capture configuration menu when changing bank/slot.
Fixed Cabinet block graphs not showing traces for non-UltraRes IRs.
Fixed Input Source for Pitch Follower not exposed.
Fixed FC-X custom Mini-Display Label for Effect, Chan Select.



Got a few gigs to go through before I can update. Can't wait to hear the new amp modeling improvements. Any hidden little things this time like the Portabass?

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Only tried it at low volume levels, but I like it a lot. Seems like I have some of the feel (light compression?) and juicy overdrive I thought I had lost in recent firmware versions. I feel more connected again.


My initial impressions on the new modeling:

It's better. Like Cliff said.

If I had to pin it down, I would say there seems to be more variation between amp models now because the amps have more of their particular mojo. They sound more like themselves. For example, the Bogners now have more of that "woodiness" that they're famous for. The Shiva Lead really kills in a way I wasn't expecting as I never really got along with that model before.

There seems to be more harmonic content as well.

All my ears, so this could just be placebo, but it's a very good change.


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Does turning the EQ Off Save CPU? Although probably negligible I would imagine, but curious nonetheless for perhaps later on down the road if running a two or possibly three amp configuration with two cab blocks & some effects things can start adding up quicker.


Can't wait to get home & try this.

Once again I'm astounded at the relentless work from the FAS team....best piece of kit I've ever bought!


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Do you need to disconnect the FC-12 before updating the Axe FXIII firmware, or can you leave the FC-12 connected?
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