Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02

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Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Updated 59 Bassguy and 5F8 Tweed models to include both Drive controls.

Added 59 Bassguy Normal, 5F8 Tweed Normal and 5F8 Tweed Jumped amp models.

Added JMPRE-1 Output EQ type to Amp block. This type replicates the active EQ used in the JMP-1 preamp (see below).

Added JMPre-1 Clean1/2 models. Note: The real amp has a fixed, passive tone stack with an active 4-band EQ. Therefore, the Bass/Mid/Treble controls when using Authentic Tone Controls are mapped to the Graphic EQ. The passive tone stack itself, however, is adjustable. With all controls at noon the tone stack is equivalent to the real amp’s fixed tone stack. You can access these controls using the Ideal Tone Controls or via Axe-Edit.

Updated JMPre-1 OD1/2 models. As with the Clean1/2 models the Bass/Mid/Treble controls now are mapped to the Graphic EQ when using Authentic Tone Controls.

Updated default cathode follower values for Matchbox D-30 model.

Added Spread control to Dual Delay and Tape types in Delay block. Spread acts as master pan in this case and is modifiable.

Added assignable third LFO to Delay block. This LFO can be assigned to Level, Pan or Spread and multiplies the corresponding value by the LFO value.

Added “Oversampling Mode” to Global menu. This parameter allows selecting between BEST PERFORMANCE and MIN. LATENCY.

Improved Input block gate performance.

Fixed Drive block can crash under rare circumstances when switching between certain models (from Blackglass 7K to diode-based model).

Fixed Amp block Transformer Match control not working properly.

Renamed Speaker Impedance to Voice Coil Resistance to more accurately describe the function of the control. Note that this includes all other “parasitic” resistances, i.e., speaker cable resistance, output transformer winding resistance, etc.

Rearranged order of pages in Amp block so that Input EQ and Output EQ are after Tone page.

Fixed Flanger block can cause loud transient at startup in rare circumstances.

The following FC enhancements/fixes are implemented:

  • Added “Scene Level + Save” to the “Utility” functions.
  • Added "Invert Mini-Displays" under the APPEARANCE section of the FC Controllers’ Config page.
  • Added a “STARTUP VIEW” to the FC Controllers: Device page.
  • Added an option for “2nd Press = Previous Bank” to Bank: Select function.
  • Added an option for “2nd Press = Previous Preset” to Preset: Select and Preset: Select in Bank functions.
  • Added the option “2nd Press" to Effect: Select Channel function. The two choices are "Smart Bypass" which is a pre-existing feature, and "Previous Channel" which toggles to the previously selected channel instead.
  • Added a “Current Channel” Mini-Display Label option to Effect: Chan Inc/Dec.
  • Added a 1.5 second delay to functions that trigger a save of the preset to allow multiple actions before a single save.
  • Fixed Bank limit calculations in some circumstances.
  • Updated the switch ring LED to be dim instead of off for Function Effect: Select Channel when Smart Bypass is ON and the effect is in the preset but the effect is bypassed.
  • Fixed stand-in switches not executing the tap function correctly when a hold function is assigned.
  • Added "Current" option to the display functions for Bank: Inc/Dec function.
  • Added "Current Name" and "Current #" options to the display functions or Preset: Inc/Dec and Scene: Inc/Dec functions.
  • Fixed an issue when changing function to "Bypass" when the currently selected effect does not have a Bypass function (e.g., Mixer, Multiplex).
  • Fixed an issue when changing FC effect type from "MultiPlex" to an effect containing fewer channels.
Various other fixes and improvements.
Great! I had a hard time waiting for the release version! Almost installed the beta this morning.

Thanks so much Cliff and Fractal!
Thank you Cliff, for all that you and your team do to further the excellence of your product. It is no small feat to push such technology that allows us to be able to be so freely expressive with music.
Can anyone tell me what the updated Cathode Follower values are for the DC30 so I can change them in my FM3? Thanks in advance for your help!!
That's a LOT of new stuff. Awesome. Thanks for all that you do!

So to be clear, Best Performance is for best sound quality? And how low does the latency get with the other mode?
Can you elaborate on this new global parameter please.
It selects between two different interpolation/decimation kernels. Best Performance yields the least aliasing and best phase response at the expense of latency. This is the kernel used in prior firmwares. Min. Latency trades aliasing and phase response for reduced latency. The Amp and Drive block have about 0.5ms less latency each when using Min. Latency. You can achieve total latency of around 1.5ms or less when using Min. Latency.
I moved to the beta last week as it's the amp modelling tweaks that I just can't resist. I've now had my Axe3 for a year, from Ares 15.x to where we are now and as someone who likes big, raw tones, every update has been so much fun. Sometimes I can't believe the 'other side of the glass' is my back garden and not a live room with a cranked amp mic'ed up beautifully. Amazing work Team Fractal. Thankyou.
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