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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released


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Everyone commenting on that picture @FractalAudio posted -- that's NOT an EV-1! ;)

Edit: I don't have secret information here -- just compare the picture to what your EV-1 looks like (or what you see online) and you'll see it's a more compact Fractal pedal. Love it! Can't wait to switch to these! I freakin' LOVE my EV-1s.
Yeah! Got a EV-1 and it`s the only pedal, which fullfill the 127 MIDI steps (calibrates from 0 to 127 perfectly). The double Poti seems to do the trick. Big like an aircraft carrier (similiar to Boss FV-500L), but super smooth feel. No other of my expressions work that perfect! Mission 0 - 116, Boss FV-500L also only 0 - 116. If you want the best, go FAS ;)

The little brother looks good. Call it EV-S (small) or EV-C (compact) :)

shredi knight

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Cliff - I asked you these 2 question back on page 8 of this thread, but I guess you didn't see them:

- Question about the new changes to the Amp block's Preamp Tube Type parameter. Is the newly titled 12AX7A JJ the same as the 12AX7B from the previous firmwares (it's located in the same spot, after the 7025 type)? Or is it the previous default type, 12AX7A? If it is the "A", is there anyway to get the "B" put back in?

- I noticed this on my patches made previous to the newest firmware, where I wasn't using the default preamp tube type (12AX7A). When I select a different tube type, then switch back again, the Preamp Hardness parameter displays a different value. For example, a patch where I'm using the 7025 type, the Preamp Hardness shows 8.50. When I deselect, then switch back the 7025 type, the parameter changes to 8.00. I assume this is the new correct default value. So does that mean I need to deselect/re-select the tube type in all my patches where I'm not using the default, then save them? Or is this a bug and the Preamp Hardness values should have automatically changed when the firmware was updated?

Thanks Cliff (again:D).


I wish I had enough of an ear to be able to even tell most of the preamp tube types apart, much less to tell if the preamp hardness is 8.0 vs 8.5....


The 12AX7B was my favorite preamp tube type. Was the name changed? If not, can we get it back.

I think it was by far the best sounding preamp tube.


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Played with v6 tonight finally and this one really feels good 'under your fingers' in the left hand...while playing really clean NMV amps I was loving the sustain and how the notes bloom when letting them ring. Awesome feel...

I spent some time with the various preamp tubes and found I liked the 'bark' and richness of the Sylvania 12AX7 the most vs the other types. The EF86 is an interesting tube if you want to 'cream-ify' the tone and feel.

I love this update...played the 5FB Tweed for a long time this evening just wallowing in the sustain and am totally diggin' v6.


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The 12AX7B was my favorite preamp tube type. Was the name changed? If not, can we get it back.

I think it was by far the best sounding preamp tube.
the B type was also a favorite of mine but I think the AX7 tubes were completely redone. I think these sound much nicer than the older algo's and you should give em a shot


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For anyone else on this thread, in AE, that parameter is on the Amp block Power Sply page but it is labeled "Power Amp Grid Bias".
Yea this is my new secret weapon parameter; experimented quiet a bit with it tonight with several NMV amps and it's 'one stop shopping' to make an amp edgy/more in your face or to round it off and fatten things up. Turning it up on the 5FB Tweed (0.600 default) made it more aggressive and rude; turning it down on the Citrus A30 Drty (1.000 default) tames it down and 'cream-ifies' it. Super interesting control and effect...something you can definitely feel as well as hear. It's worth exploring this control/parameter for sure...


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Bandmates told me to lay off the wah on Tuesday night at rehearsal. I guess that's a pretty good indicator of how much I'm liking the updates to that block! :D
Heh funny...reminds of way back when I got my first good Phaser (the green Boss one), I went nuts with it over a few rehearsals until the other guys couldn't take it anymore and threatened to put it in a vice.


Yeah gotta say, in the last major Firmware or two (I think 5), and moreso now with 6, the Mesa's have all become amazing to me. Before I never really jived with any - I tried Marks, Rectos, the lot - but now they're incredible. I find myself loving *every* model I load up now.

This is probably the first time I've been more interested in playing than trying to dissect what I'm playing through. You're a genius Cliff!
Same here, didn't really like the Mesa's before. They sound fantastic to me now.


The 12AX7B is close to the 12AX7A SYL but not exactly the same. Regardless, I have added the 12AX7B for the next release (along with an RCA 12AX7A).
Sir! :)

I loved 12AX7B SYL and JJ.
The FW 6 is fantastic but I had problems with my ultra clean sounds.
The solution was to low Pwr Amp Hardness, Preamp Hardness and Preamp Bias.
I believe these valves make a difference. I hope! (Amp test Vox AC-30)

Otherwise I keep adjusting because the rest is killer! :)


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Just on time for the weekend, yesssss.
Thanks FAS.

Ahhmmmm, this nice lil pedal....spring loaded? please pleasee please.....?

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