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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released


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Well slap my butt! - Could it be a difference in the drive?... I really could hear a difference (or my mind was acting up... wouldn't be the first time!!) - and checked multiple times. ...it was a preset with a drive, amp, & reverb only. - the amp was a Captain hook.
[edit] - The drive was the Tube Screamer

I hate to break it to you but there is absolutely no difference between 5.00 and 5.02 for the Hook models. The only models affected are models with nonzero Preamp Comp and/or Harmonics values.
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Finally got the time to update to 5.02. as always, it's awesome. Thanks once again Cliff and FAS team :) you guys rock. Now on to updating the ax8 :D to new beta


Spent some time with the Pi Fuzz tonight. I hadn't be able to get to it until now. So little time to just experiment and noodle these day!

WHOA! YEA! Lots to love here now. It's a full-on square wave clip with my volume full-open on my 'bucker guitar, but back it off and it gets chewy and nicely responsive just like my analog pedal does. Haven't quite found that Creamy Dreamer setting for it yet, but I'll get my Cherub Rock on this weekend and dial in some Pumpkins tones with it. The way it's sounding near the defaults, it won't take long to do.

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... its like the sag / spongeyness has gotten firmer and more defined ....

Is this like the texture of something like an ideal naturally buttered and just flakey and fluffy enough waffle?

Ahhh, the term Sag, such a strange name to call ideal bounciness.

I used to trampoline quite heavily, and there are ideal trampoline responses, sort of midway between throwing you off balance with by giving in, and totally opposing you and thwacking you unwanted off into space. To me SAG is something of letting you land inside the tone and letting it work its magic on your fingers and ear.

Danny Danzi

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Hi Danny

I dont use any dirt / drive pedals so cant comment there ..... in terms of tone I dont really hear any change either ... but in terms of crunch / dirty low-mids / lower-end tighter / punchier " chugga-chugga " and " palm muting " [ these are techncial musical terms I learnt at the Conservatorium :) ] it is subtley but noticabley " more real " [ :) sorry I couldnt resist ] ... its like the sag / spongeyness has gotten firmer and more defined .... I wrote elsewhere it isnt night and day .... but it was very immedialty apparewnt on my presets .... and equally apparent when going between 5.00 <-> 5.02 [ I skipped 5.01 altogethger ].

I think with the Axe - and this applies equally to Kemper and Helix and even the A/Fire - the current generatons of all these units are fantastic and as changes arrive, they are increasingly more subtle as the vast bulk of the heavy lifting in terms of digitizing amp tones is now wel established - they will all continue to "get better " but we are very much approaching the top of the horizon on the exponential cureve ......

The result is now %95 playing and %5 tweaking .... whereas even only 1 - 2 years ago .... it was probably closer to %50 playing and %50 tweaking.

Having said all that .... I reckon I could gig my presets on FW 2 or FW 3 or FW 4 or FW 5 .... and once I was 2 songs into the first set, I wouldnt have a clue which was which ... but I'd still have a smile on my face :)

Always enjoy your videos and post too Danny ..... great stuff !!!

Thanks Ben, that's really kind of you to say. :)

Yeah I've been beating up on this release pretty good and am really enjoying the new amps and pedals. These pedals are really getting some crazy sounds.

I think the problem with the fw updates is they all sound great but for different things until you sit down and try to dial things in. This is one of the reasons I have work files of me playing the same riffs so I can compare and fix whatever difference may be there.

Strangely enough for me, my go to amps sound the same with this fw as they did back to 2.0. I played using my current sound vs my old favorite 2.0 sound literally using 2.0 fw and I cannot tell even the slightest difference. I had to tweak to get it like that but t was minimal.

But I agree....this stuff has gone way past my expectations. I had a Kemper and the helix here in the studio with clients. After they dialed up what they thought was a good tone (it was decent on both counts) I said "now listen to this" and fired up a few of my sounds both through my console and then my cab.

Client says "holy hell, that thing is insane!" Then I showed them how my AX8 sounds just like its big brother and they really got sick. Lol! Whatever the case, I'm glad to be on the fractal team and have never been happier with my tone as well as the options that get me there. It's a great time to be alive. :)


Thanks for the update; very much appreciated.
Will give a swing on tomorrow night's gig, looking forward already.
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