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Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

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¿En qué sitio oficial?

Those are the factory presets and I meant the commercial ones like Fremen, Moke, Austin Buddy and and.... But I still use sometimes the factory presets for a starting point and when you reselect in the amp block the amp model, it will adjust the parameters to the ARES alogrhythm I believe. It certainly sounds better when I do this and tweak the rest by myself. Hope this helps.


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LEGACY! LEGACY! LEGACY! Oh, sorry, I am still saving for my upgrade unit, which I am still excited for. But I like dreaming about an update for the 2 also!
Oh the AX8 didn't get any Ares flavor in the end??? I thought it did...
But then I have a sticker on my II that says "Ares 3.0" so what do I know :speaknoevil: :seenoevil: :hearnoevil: :mask:
A while back on this thread I remember seeing something where Cliff basically said he crammed everything he could into the Axe ll, but also said later on that he thinks he found a way to import some more ARES into the ll without running out of memory.(something like that... I’m not a tech guy) While us users of a discontinued product are still hopeful for more ‘goodies’ from this exceptional company... I personally wouldn’t expect more ‘Christmas gifts’. Between the full, and discontinued Axe II and the state of things going on in the world today... especially the US. Sure, I can hope for more, but at the same time I’m happy with what I have. Thank you FAS for all you’ve done on being the best on every level!


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It's been perfect since the latest update anyway.

I think now the critical part becomes what goes into the amp - guitar, pickups, EQ. pedal, etc. - and what comes after the amp - IR, echo, reverb, or cab+mic and/or room mics.

That and deciding which is the best approach for each song, between electronics or mic-ing up a cab in a room, for those who have a recording room or studio to set up in. For the rest of us we have to use effects to get close if that's what we're going for, using IR's of various cab recordings. It's hit and miss. But then i digress. :) More IR perspectives to mix and match with the many close-mic. perspective IRs available might be better than another amp sim update. We have plenty of standard clean, close mic. IRs to choose from, IMO, and not enough IRs with a real sense of the room or 'perspective' to go with the cab that gives an amp a greater sense of the power and 'realness'.
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Interesting - I wonder how much of the III appeal is stuff that's not yet in the 2 in terms of processing, versus how much is the incredible selection of IRs that it comes with. I wish there were an IR maker that would create a sampler of sorts, a low cost pack ($70 or less) spanning every possible range of flavor in terms of style and also mic/room settings. This is something I've never been able to do well enough - to quickly find special and tailored IRs spread in all the various packs I own. Its one thing to have very good selections in genre or cabinet type; its another to navigate when you don't have your IR GPS bearings so to speak. Some of my favorite guitars have uncommon pickups and I think that's why its a bit harder for me - but I think an extremely broad sampler would be a kind of IR education. You could almost create a cloud based software tool for listing your pickups and guitar characteristics, target music genre, and your rating for an IR so that others could follow your trailblaze.
Truth is, first there’s the player... with his or hers touch, the pick or fingers, the wire. Then, the guitar... each with its own voice. ( I have eight fine electrics... Gibson’s, Fenders, and PRS’s... and they all sound different ). That’s what I want... that’s good.
Then, there’s the AXE... a very in depth pre-amp, and effects unit. With over 250 amp models, from clean to mean and everything in between.
Then there’s the power amp and speaker(s) or... a FR-FR system (and or home studio) IR’s... if using the latter. IR packets too. Also EQ... and LOTS of it. Outboard gear... etc.
Yup... there’s a learning curve too. Bottom line... it’s a deep rabbit hole if one wants to dive in deep.
The sound you seek is in there, ( read that last part again ) and with all these variables and options, one can easily get lost spending more time tweaking than actually playing. 🤔Just saying.
Let’s face it... the tone you seek may inspire you, of course... but it won’t make you a guitar God if you’re not already. There’s no talent button in the ll or the lll and there never will be. Okay... with all that said...

This has been a public service announcement. End of rant. ☺


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Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm totally floored by my 2XL. I don't even know what I'd DO with the 3 that I can't already do now. I'm a simple guy, and just run a few things. I'm just happy that those few things now sound utterly real without needing 200#s of gear full of glass, patch cables, batteries, iron, and all that nonsense LOL.

What I was doing with an 8 space rack full of 3 preamps, a power amp, several pedals plus a pedalboard loaded with pedals and controllers I can now do with a 1 cable pedalboard and a 4 space rack that weighs 1/4 of the other rack.

I think we're all just surprised that lightening struck once, and when that notification goes off, it's like, "OHHH DID IT STRIKE AGAIN CAN A BROTHER GET THAT TC100 MODEL EH." :)


This old dude is still yet not worthy of the Axe FX II I purchased in 2012 - my playing skills need to advance ( as opposed to the technology). I've only scratched the surface of the capabilities therein (although its been a fun ride). Thanks Fractal team!
I think we're all just surprised that lightening struck once, and when that notification goes off, it's like, "OHHH DID IT STRIKE AGAIN CAN A BROTHER GET THAT TC100 MODEL EH." :)
Na, its just that Cliff him self said - sometime after Ares 2.0 came to life - that he found a way to merge all OS updates to a single code frame for the III the II and the AX8, which only meant he was still [VERY GENEROUSLY] planning on trickling down some core processing updates to the II (and AX8?).

If he decided to close the door on the II after Ares 2.0, which no one would've complained if he said so (HELL we didn't even expect Ares 2.0 to come along:p), then why would he burden him self with working on unifying OS updates AND telling us about that if he wasn't going to use it?

It doesn't make sense :)

I'll say it again, just to be clear:
I think all of us will be super content just to get fractions of refined core parts (as in better triode/pentode/OPT/phase inverter algos) that Cliff and team managed to develop over time.
Anyone asking or expecting new amps or new pedals or FXs is not reasonable, not for asking and not for expecting... if anything that just damaged the chance of seeing another Ares update.

Just want to add that my style of sound/amps/playing is a single amp that does it all, clean to mean with the guitar volume roll-off.
For this??? Ares 1.0 was a great update and then Ares 2.0 refined it even more.
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