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AXE-FEST 2012 UNITED KINGDOM - Nov 5th-6th - Oxfordshire


Matt from matrix took loads of pics, though I don't know yet if there all on facebook. Hopefully he'll post here too. I have a couple on my phone, but they won't upload while I'm on the go. Currently on a ferry back to the emerald isle. I'll get them up tomorrow.

Once again, great to meet everyone, all such nice guys. Thanks again to Chris and his patents for loan of the venue, food and hospitality. James for some stunning looper soudscapes, and clerky for his morphing ideas. Great weekend.

I will save some thoughts for tomorrow on the frfr thing as I process them - as I got chance to dial some patches in Sunday as well.

A couple of things though.

1. Sukh, I need those mk2 labels dude, there fantastic.
2. Let it be known, trying to follow clerkys fingers while playing bass on the jam is blinkin impossible. Great fun trying though.

ha.. our lil' jam was a total blast... and totally better for me when I went back to playing a lefty [righty's make me think too much... and I don't do thinkage... lmao]..
you did really good though... I really wanted to stay and jam all night...


Fractal Fanatic
Umm. I did the same as Clarky - got so carried away I didnt take many photos. I got a couple though, one of some of the rigs - though its not great:


more importantly - this is how we do things in the UK :) taken around 2/2.30pm during a break in the presentations:



Fractal Fanatic
Hey Chris - bet your mother checked the baseball bat was under the counter when she saw that bunch of rough lookin hooers come in :razz


Hi all,
was a pleasure to meet you this weekend.

I have put the shots up on the facebook page at:

UK Axe Fest | Facebook

If you are into the facebook thing please tag yourself ( and anybody else that you recognise ), to make it easier for others identify you in the future :)

I will upload here after I have send the pics to the server.

Best regards
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