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  • Tom,
    I cleared some stuff out of my inbox, if it still gives you problems, you can call me. 816-769-3311.
    Hey Tom, I posted this question in the new 3.0 thread, but likely will get lost, wondering your thoughts. AFter updating to 3.0 my own patches sound pretty much the same, if not identical; but when I tweak the amp model back and forth, or forth and back to "reset the amp model to new defaults" I get totally different sounds. Do you know if by doing this one is actually making the amp model update to 3.0, or does this just take the already "updated" preset and tweak some settings; ie. should I be able to re tweek those to get the exact same sound prior to the back and forth dance? any idea?

    another way of asking is does the update to anything to already existing presets my own or defaults, prior to doing the amp default trick?
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