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AX8 V7.02 Public Beta

joe rogers

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The AX8 V7.02 Public Beta is available for immediate download. Please note, this is Beta firmware and as such may contain bugs or other unforeseen issues. As we always recommend, please backup your AX8 with Fractal Bot before installing any new firmware.

AX8 V7.02 Public Beta

Release Notes:

AX8 V7.02 adds MOTOR DRIVE to the AMP block, as well as some effect block enhancements.

  • The improved Motor Drive simulation, developed for the AxeFX II Quantum V7.02, is available in the Amp block now. New algorithm more accurately models the compression of guitar loudspeakers by factoring in the reactive aspects of the compression. It is recommended to use the simulation in the Amp block when using an FRFR configuration as the Amp block simulation uses the speaker resonance information in the calculations. The simulation in the Amp block is independent of the block’s output Level control.
  • Gain monitoring of the Motor Drive is available on the PWR DYN page of the Amp block. Monitoring is available when the Motor Drive parameter is selected. Note that typical guitar speakers have around 3-6 dB of compression when driven hard with American speakers being on the low end of that range and British speakers being on the high end. Some speakers can exhibit even more compression than this with compression amounts of 8 dB or more depending upon the magnetic materials used and the construction of the speaker motor.
  • The thermal time constant of the virtual voice coil is adjustable using the “Motor Time Const” parameter. Typical guitar speakers are anywhere from 0.05 to 1.0 seconds depending upon the mass of the voice coil and the materials used.
  • Improved Amp block output compressor. New algorithm is more musical and reacts faster to transients. If you are using this in your presets it is recommended to audition your presets and readjust as necessary. The Gain Reduction meter now shows the total gain including the makeup gain.
  • Added Input Diffusion to Multitap block Band Delay, Quad Series, Plex Delay, Plex Detune and Plex Shift types.

  • Fixed Optical and Pedal compressors output level dependent upon Ratio parameter of Studio type. If using these types in existing presets the presets should be auditioned to ensure the volume is correct.
  • Fixed switching between Optical compressor types can cause brief level drop.


Just had a quick test drive. Thank you very much for implementing the Motor Drive! I really like the natural compression when playing with headphones.


While I'm sure this is great, I have no earthly idea how to dial in any of these parameters sensibly :\
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