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Another V10 Preview


Holy cow that sounds nice and crunchy. And you're right, that sounds nothing like your typical Fender. But I like what I heard. :)


The matching process has changed as well. It's a semi-automated technique that, well, does stuff that I can't talk about.

Will this have an impact on the current amp-matching procedure (other than improving the existing AxeFX models)?


Fractal Fanatic
That amp sounds great; great tones when dialed back on the volume and quite the dynamics match...having a lotta fun with this I see...:shock


From just listenin' on computers speakers I can't tell. But, if I was to get all anal and silly nitpicky... I'd say the first one is the axe fxII


The second sample sounds slightly more like a real mic'ed amp to my ears, but they both have the same cool 'vibe' ;)
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