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Wish AES/Spdif input to ANY input pair


Currently if I want to use the aes/spdif input it HAS to be input 1. It would be nice to use input pair 3 or 4 for this. Then I can still use the nice guitar front end on input one AND get a digital input from some other gear on one of my other inputs.

Is this possible to upgrade?


+1.1 Bazillion

I wish all the ins/outs had the same configuration options (I get it that the hardware differs, but still).
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Would love to be able to send two DI tracks via AES into the unit for reamping both of them at once.
Currently this doesn’t seem to be possible, since you can only choose the mono input 1 to be fed by aes - so you can only send one mono channel at once into the unit via aes.
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