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About Matching Your Cabinet's Resonant Frequency


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Im just throwing out an idea. I'd do it myself if I could figure it out but... i cant lol. Is there anyone mathy enough to recreate the formulas discussed in a way that leaves the key variables open for users to enter their specific speaker data in order to determine the final "most accurate" parameters we should enter. I found this site that allows you to create complex custom equations and it seems like it would be possible to do here, but I don't really know. Thanks in advance if anyone figures this out :)

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I am using a Marshal cab 1960 Lead with G12-T75 can someone give me the presice arrangments for the LF Freq and the Low resonance ?
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I have a 212 parallel 16 Ohm => 8 Ohm cabinet. So I calculated 20*LOG10(55/6,55)/2,4=7,7... Celestion informed that their all speakers impedance will peak at around 100 -110 ohm at resonance. For this speaker the DC is 13.1 Ohm / 2 = 6,55. According the Celestion I put 55 to the formula that is about a half of of the impedance peak. Sounds right but is this right?
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