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Aaron Marshall (Intervals) Rig Rundown - Axe-Fx III content


I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube to seek out their content after watching this last night. Good timing because I found myself thinking the state of music is so poor. Watching them changed my mind. Prog isn’t really my bag, but I enjoyed everything I’ve seen so far. Great example of how far the AX3 can go

George Koerich

I've started using automatic presets & controls changing in live concerts with my band back in early 2000s.
My rig was a complex system with 16 analog pedals switching, digital processors, amp switching, big foot controller, all entirely sync'd with the show.

Our show was entirely pre-programed, timecode for lights, DAW automation for vocals FX, special FX in surround sound, sync'd movie at screen, and so on.... all controlled by a master computer running Nuendo. That computer had a hard time... and that freaked me out. :coldsweat:

AFAIK, pro bands wasn't doing that level of integration at that time, and I understand why... technology wasn't that good yet. They don't like to take unnecessary risks and they had crew enough to do all that manually anyway.

Nowadays, everything is easier and reliable. Faster computers, better softwares, easier and reliable connections.
It's nice to see that finally happen widely, but it's not a "new" thing anymore...
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