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preset bundles

  1. JRkelley

    U2/Edge tones/presets/insight for Axe-Fx 3?

    I see many threads for tips to getting great U2 guitar tones on prior versions of Axe. Also many, many links to YouTube and ancient forums exploring Edge-y tones. I'm looking for stuff that sheds light on his more recent sounds- especially presets designed for the Axe FX 3. Commercial presets...
  2. E

    First buys

    Hi guys, new happy ax8 owner here. :D I was ready to pull the trigger and get the mega pack from fremen + ownhammer IR’s (412 MRBW GNR, Core tone bundle, Class A Duo) but a friend recommended me choptones’ presets and IR’s so I’d like to hear your experience with these. I play in a cover band...
  3. Moke

    Moke's 'Mild to Wild' Pack #3 for the AX8 - Video Demo Added

    Just added a new 'AX8' pack to the store. --------Moke's 'Mild to Wild' Pack #3-------- Most of these did not convert correctly. Missing blocks, missing 'mic' sims, missing parameters, etc.... And as awesome as 'FracTool' is, it got some 'Internal Controller' assignments wrong. Also many...
  4. austinbuddy

    Video tutorial: how to dial in a Jimi/London '67 Preset on your Axe-Fx

    Hi everyone, This is one of those iconic tones I've chased for years, from Jimi's first album. JTM into 20 watt Greenbacks with a mid-60's Strat. But instead of simply giving a preset away, instead I wanted to do a detailed video explaining how to dial Jimi's recorded sound in, and show what...
  5. ralphonz

    Extract all individual presets from Bank file?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is a way to extract all of the presets quickly and easily from a bank sysex to individual presets sysex files? I'd like to organise the factory presets a little differently on my computer so I have access to them as a library. My plan is to organise the files...
  6. Clawed

    How Do I Upload Preset Bundles & IR Files

    Hey all you avid AX8 users. With the recent Cab Pack Brit Pack I just bought it had some bonus folders that is 12 Bundles of preset and cab matched but when I try to import them it says they not compatible with AX8 but they came with AX8 Brit Pack Cabs so don't know why they not compatible. Also...
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