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U2/Edge tones/presets/insight for Axe-Fx 3?


I see many threads for tips to getting great U2 guitar tones on prior versions of Axe. Also many, many links to YouTube and ancient forums exploring Edge-y tones. I'm looking for stuff that sheds light on his more recent sounds- especially presets designed for the Axe FX 3.

Commercial presets are good, particularly with some of the less obvious U2 songs ( Streets, With and Without You, Bloody Sunday are very well documented). I'll post back to this thread with my own best-of list. Thanks in advance for any info!


Yea, I'm hoping that @edo does- I've been waiting for those to be updated for the III- some of my favorite tones, and I'd love to have them done right!


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I was waiting to receive my fc before working on my U2 packs for af3. I finally received it a couple days ago, but have been away from home since then, so it’s still boxed and I have not had the chance to begin the programming.
Will get to work when I get home later this week, and will hopefully have something done by the end of the month!
For future updates, check back with the website www.edosounds.com and the Facebook page /edosounds


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We have an Axe III.... I've actually had trouble with FracTool converting some of the old axe II U2 files I've found online. I've never had a Fractal before and maybe I'm missing some essential user cabs or something. Eagerly awaiting axe III U2 packs!!
Yeah, I had to go through all of Edo’s presets and make some basic and easy changes my the Axe III. That FAR outweighed having to wait.

His tones are really, really good.

The conversion isn’t his fault, they just don’t convert flawlessly. No big deal. I changed some level settings and I was almost instantly in business. I also didn’t get any named scenes, but I would probably choose something different than most, anyways.

His rotary for One is really good!
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