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Just added a new 'AX8' pack to the store.
--------Moke's 'Mild to Wild' Pack #3--------

Most of these did not convert correctly. Missing blocks, missing 'mic' sims, missing parameters, etc.... And as awesome as 'FracTool' is, it got some 'Internal Controller' assignments wrong. Also many parameters in the 'Synth' and 'Multi-Delay' blocks were off. Some were subtle and some were not. Impossible to know without tediously comparing them side-by-side with an Axe-Fx II.

This pack is comprised of 78 presets ($14.99 introductory price). They are the 'Leftovers' from the conversions of 'Axe-Fx II' Factory banks 'B' and 'C' that did not make the cut as a 'Clean to Mean' preset. I thought that the 'AX8' users might like to have access to these presets.

These have all been converted, checked/tweaked against the Axe-Fx II, leveled, EQ tweaked for missing 'Mic' sims, replaced unavailable blocks with alternate blocks, and I've added various effect blocks to most (CPU permitting), for more versatility.

All have all been edited to use 3-scenes. The bottom row of switches are setup as scenes 1, 2, and 3. The 4th foot-switch is setup as a 'Boost' switch (via 'Filter' block #2).
The top row is setup for Effect on/off switches
The scenes are setup in various configurations. Some with two different 'Gain' settings (via a 'Filter' block #1), and/or some with different 'Effects'.


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