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  1. Z

    Instrumental Modern Prog Metal

    All guitars and bass recorded with Ax Fx III. This is a difficult place to show a song, because it has a high musical level and people like excellent tones. But here we go. Any comment is welcome.
  2. Valdolopezz

    Metal jams with Eloy Casagrande from Seputlura (8 string, 6160, OH Mesa v30 ir's)

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share few quarantine jams with great Eloy Casagrande Hope you are all fine and healthy! Cheerzz 🤘 Gtr sound: 808 + 6160 + OH revolution Mesa v30 ir's Bass sound: Dark Glass sim mixed with Diezel Herbert + Mesa v30 line
  3. AndreaSeveso

    Wish Fortin Meshuggah and Randall Satan

    Hi everyone, I'm curious if maybe one day we will see some Meshuggah head or the Randall Satan in our systems. I will sell off my left foot for these heads. I'm using it with Neural DSP plugin but I bet that the Fractal one will be much better, could be a game changer for some metal guy like...
  4. Valdolopezz

    Metal/Djent tone 6160 amp block (Kiesel Vader 8, Blacker RTA 7)

    Whats up guys :guitar: A little bit of quarantine riffs. This time i took 6160 amp block + Ownhammer (r)evolution mesa cab (v30-MB1) Play guitar and stay safe 🤘 Cheerzzzz
  5. Cobrango

    Your thoughts on speakers handling lows, with an input from Dr.Decibel at Celestion

    Hi, I play 8-string guitars. This goes out to all of you who are wondering about how low your speakers can go. I tune my guitars to drop-e, that E1, the same note played on a bass guitar in normal tuning. you've all probably heard that playing 4-string bass guitar into a guitar speaker/cab at...

    The "real life" Axe-Fx - Fredrik Thordendal's Studio (Meshuggah)

    Just stumbled upon this and found the video below that essentially says Fredrik's been building a "real life" Axe-Fx for his studio. He can connect any amp into any cab that he has. Opinions? I think this is probably the coolest thing I've seen in a while. :)
  7. Alexander Almanza

    Any Meshuggah or Fredrik Thordendal fans out there??

    I was scrolling through my IG feed and i found this. I was kind of blown away because they did a documentary for koloss and they were exclusively use the axe. Any ideas on what changed?
  8. Guitarjon

    Clean, crunch, rock and metal! (Q9b)

    Hi everyone! I just finished a new video for my channel. It's basically a demonstration of the Axe FX/AX8 with various OwnHammer IR's in about 8 different styles, mostly using different guitars and pickups. We start off with clean tones and end up with the really heavy 8-string stuff. I really...
  9. Guitarjon

    Got a brand new guitar... Had to make a video!

    Hey guys, I got my new Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 in the mail today. It's a KILLER guitar so I had to make a video of course! I used the Recto 2 modern red model with a new OwnHammer Heavy Hitters Collection 2x12 Zilla M25 Greenback IR. The HHC2 will be out very soon. It may be a heavy...
  10. Guitarjon

    Gnarly groove riffs with lush melodic vocals...

    Hey guys, Here's another tune from my new www.facebook.com/JvRband project. For this one I used my 8-string guitar. Recto red modern amp with a tubescreamer for tightness due to the low notes. And OwnHammer Recto 412 V70B blended with the famous Orange M25 from the Heavy Hitters Collection...
  11. Guitarjon

    8-string prog GoPro playthough video! Q.4 Recto MDRN2 and OH ENGL goodness!

    Hi everyone! I finished this video today. I got a GoPro last week for my YouTube channel so I'm excited to share this video with you guys. All the tones are Axe FX of course and the main rhythm tones are Recto 2 mdrn. If you want to know more about the tones I recommend checking out the...
  12. PinealGlandRaisin

    Future Breeds Machine - Drums & Guitar Tone Test

    Drums & Guitar Tone Test - Future Breeds Machine by Meshuggah Shout out to Guitarjon for the set of Meshuggah Presets! \m/ Ibanez RG2228ABK Fractal Audio Axe FX II (Quantum 1.0) Direct Recording via Axe FX II Six Ocean Avenue Studio 2015
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