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  1. mulmusic


    This is my interpretation of "Parisienne Walkways" the guitar classic by the late great Gary Moore. Here I'm using a Brit Pre model.....I wasn't trying to replicate any particular Gary Moore tone. Just using a tone that felt good to play. Will be posting the backing track soon Hope you like...
  2. mulmusic

    AFIII Still Got the Blues. Gary Moore

    Hi Guys, First time posting a video here! This is my version of "Still Got the Blues" by the late great Gary Moore. As I wasn't trying to replicate Garys' tone exactly I used a Friedman HBE-100 preset. Hope you like it! ....Thanks for listening!
  3. Mark Pritchard

    Gary Moore - One Day + Still got the blues preset

    Hi all, I had a request on Instagram to share this preset, it was made on my Axe-Fx III but I've converted it to FM3. One day, I used the Delay scene which uses factory cabs and the Still Got The Blues I used a @York Audio G25m Greenback.
  4. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Gary Moore - One Day

    Trying out another Gary Moore tone with this melodic intro.
  5. Mark Pritchard

    Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues Preset + Plexi scenes

    Hi everyone, I have converted my Plexi Preset from my Axe III to FM3, it includes Still Got The Blues and other Plexi scenes. Scene 1 - I used for "Still Got The Blues" Scene 2 - I used for my 'Havana" video. Please note I'm using @York Audio MRSH 412 Grennback M25 Cabs Enjoy.
  6. Mark Pritchard

    Still Got The Blues Preset (Cygnus)

    Hi all, I recently posted my recording of Still Got The Blues and a few people have asked for the preset so here it is. I'm using @York Audio Greenback G25 with an SM57 so if you haven't got it, use something close. I'll include a screenshot of the cab.
  7. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Still Got The Blues - Cygnus trial

    Hi all, trying out Cygnus with my Plexi preset and thought I’d try it with this classic. Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues Intro | Axe-Fx III Cygnus Beta trial
  8. Dynamic1022

    Gary Moore - "The Loner" (Own version)

    My new release using a adjusted preset from Gurtejsingh I Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Andrea Maccianti

    Gary Moore - “The Loner”

    Hey guys! I wanted to make a very humble tribute to the great Maestro Gary Moore with his beautiful The Loner. Obviously it's my interpretation and it's not note for note, I'm too lazy for these things 😊 Here just my attempt 😅 I hope you like it! Here I used my Marshall JMP 2203 Preset (8...
  10. Marciel Marcasso

    AFIII Gary Moore style with Plexi 1970 - Axe-Fx III

    I make a little test using Plexi 1970 with Axe III . Really love this amp. I am also using Dimarzio Bridge pickup AT-1 (Andy Timmons). See if you like it.. thanks a lot

    AFIII "Monday Videos" Ep. 18 - "Parisienne Walkways" ;-)

    For today, a sublime song from a wonderful guitarist! ;)
  12. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 4 Scenes and it's available for Axe-Fx2/XL/XL+ and AX8. Custom IR included. The sound is not that of the album Victims of the Future (1983) but is inspired by Live at Montreux (2010) Classical Gary sound Gibson and Marshall :)
  13. Smittefar

    [Video] My Oh My - That Soldano (Solo 100)

    So @yek's amp series made me try the Soldano - And to me Soldano means Gary Moore more than anything else. It is good ... It is really good. So good in fact that I did something that you are not supposed to do - I started playing Parisienne Walkways. Here in Europe, it is a no-no on par with...
  14. juanpmoran

    Gary Moore - Still got the blues VIDEO improv

    Having some fun :)
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