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  1. Mark Pritchard

    My 2021 Tones

    Hi all, here is a video with some of my tones I've created this year. More coming next year. Happy New Year all!!

    IMPROV - FM9 (Carol-Ann Triptik) - Luke III 2020 - Elevated Jam Tracks 🎸

    🇺🇸 Improv (one take) with the beautiful Luke III 2020 on "Deep Mellow Groove in B” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Full Digital Discography (Part 3)) with the Carol-Ann Triptik Modern channel 3 of the FM9. 🇫🇷 Impro (en une prise) avec la belle Luke III 2020 sur “Deep Mellow Groove in B” de chez...
  3. LucasLeCompte

    Amps of the Axe-Fx III

    After owning the Axe Fx II and now the III, I realized I never actually explored all the cool amps we have, so I decided start exploring them. I am going through all the amps, starting from the very top with the Fender 5F Tweeds. Anyone have any cool tricks on using the tweeds?
  4. Burgs

    My Demo Amps - preset d/l and video

    A few of the amps and sounds I use to demo guitars and pedals for a myriad of manufacturers. They're not fussed about the 'real' amp thing; nor are the viewers much anymore. Anyway, I strapped this together this afternoon for fun and thought you might get a laugh and hopefully some enjoyment...
  5. Marciel Marcasso

    Gary Moore style with Plexi 1970 - Axe-Fx III

    I make a little test using Plexi 1970 with Axe III . Really love this amp. I am also using Dimarzio Bridge pickup AT-1 (Andy Timmons). See if you like it.. thanks a lot
  6. Marciel Marcasso

    Spirit of Carol - Ann - Ax8

    It was watching a video of the great Leon Todd (be sure to sign his channel on youtube) I met Amp Caron Ann (CA Tucana 3). I loved the sound and I decided to test it on this Rush song that I love (Spirit of Radio). Here's how it sounded: Another cool thing: in "Yeks guide to the fractal audio...
  7. Burgs

    Triptik suite for Charvel or higher output axes (video demo)

    I can't get past the Carol Anns because they work so damn well for me on stage. Here's a preset featuring four scenes based around the Triptik Clean and Classic models, with a bunch of effects thrown in. The preset itself can be downloaded from...
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