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Triptik suite for Charvel or higher output axes (video demo)


Great walkthrough! Loaded up the patch -- wow! It's one of those that just makes me lose time and play. Thanks for sharing! :)


There are not really that many presets from other people that I download, but this one is just killer as always from you! Will be downloading this one for sure.


Sounds great as everything in your hands..........:D

Surprised - you´re still running on FW 1.x?

Which cab did you use for your preset? Thanks for sharing this..........

Ah, have seen at the preset - you used the stock cab 1x12. Sounds and feels bigger than only a 12"-speaker.
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nice! the triptik 1x12 has an incredible midrange focus, but i would heartily suggest trying some other cabs too...a 4x12 with v30's in it is also a great match for expanding the lows and highs...sounds absolutely massive....as does the good old basketweave tv cab.

The Whale

Burgs - thanks for the preset. I dropped your Triptik into my usual gigging preset and am enjoying it. Sell me on the Triptik IR, though. I'm working with two bands, one an early '90s cover band (healthy dose of Pearl Jam). The other is a more modern rock band all Big Wreck/Muse. I'm thinking the Triptik will work well for both, but is the IR feels super midrangey. Have you found that to work better in a live situation over something more full like the basketweave mix or a recto mix?
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