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Recent content by youngmic

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    Another whole hearted vote for reducing the number of user IR slots here.
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    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    Yes I'd be interested in a custom SKB case for the Axe-Fx III and FC-12.
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    Power to 2nd FC-12

    I have the Roland PSB-120 adaptor. Works great. Just wish I didn't have to use it. :)
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    Power to 2nd FC-12

    Hey there Fractal folks, Not sure where this belongs or if it's already been expressed, but I use 2 FC-12's and would really love it if there was a way to upgrade the hardware so that power could flow to the second unit and eliminate the need for a separate power supply. Any chance? Still...
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    A bit of Sunday

    Hey all, thought I'd share this clip from our humble team from our little church on the corner. :) We've been streaming our services of late like so many others. Certainly lots of room for improvement, but given that we're using iPhones and a kluged together analog headphone mix I thought it...
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    Molly Hatchet cover / Quad Pitch Shift

    Wow to both! Really enjoyed that. Very nice use of delay and pitch!! :)
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    Help to find AC Power Adapter for 2nd FC

    I ended up going with a Roland PSB-120 power supply. Very nice and works great! No wall wart, longer and more robust cables...
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    Can I make a custom cable for multiple FC's or use a wire loom?

    I have two and am in heaven. :) I bought a Roland PSB-120 power supply. It has an inline transformer so there's no wall wart. Additionally, the cables are longer and more robust than the usual wall warts you can get. I'd love to power both through Fastlink but this works very well.
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    Help to find AC Power Adapter for 2nd FC

    Has anyone confirmed that the MFC101 Power supply will work on the FC12? It does not appear to have info in the tip polarity in the label.
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    FC Power Supply

    Thanks for all the replies. They were very helpful. I found this article which was helpful. I found one I can use from my box of old power supplies. :) Was hung up on amps rating but then remembered that the pedals requirement represents draw (confirmed by the article). So voltage is critical...
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    FC Power Supply

    Thanks! That’s pretty much the only one I’ve seen and a I’ve been looking! I’m in the LA area and can’t seem to find one locally. It appears to be a less common configuration - especially the negative center. A bit frustrating as I need to hook up the 2nd FC to determine whether I want to keep...
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    FC Power Supply

    Thanks for all the replies. I am using 2 FC’s. I understand that Faslink II lowers the first one. Thank you. Thanks also for the heads up I’m barrel size. This confirms that my concerns about finding the right type. I’ve sent a note to Fractal asking for a source. The manual states that...
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    FC Power Supply

    Can someone point me to a source for the right power supply for the FC-12? There are so many different options and I'm not sure of the connector size requirement. Would this one work well...
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