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Recent content by Tremonti

  1. Tremonti

    Very much enjoying the FM9!

    No, we only play at Gator Club in Sarasota 18 times per year and just started playing the new Joyland in Bradenton.
  2. Tremonti

    Very much enjoying the FM9!

    Been using Fractal since 2008 and had the Standard AFX1, AFX2, FX8, AX8, FM3, FC6, FC12, AFX3 and now the FM9. Well versed in Fractal and this thing is great. Very powerful and scratched that itch that an FM3 and FC6 couldn't do. I'm trying to unseat the Axe Fx 3 and just use the FM9. I will...
  3. Tremonti

    Coming from Axe Fx III, what would I really miss?

    Something needs to be titrated, soldered or voodoo'd on, is my best guess.
  4. Tremonti

    Coming from Axe Fx III, what would I really miss?

    Why did they leave out global blocks? That is really only one I’m bummed about. I can deal with everything else.
  5. Tremonti

    Coming from Axe Fx III, what would I really miss?

    Well not all the answers....my 2 were not on that list but are different than the III
  6. Tremonti

    Coming from Axe Fx III, what would I really miss?

    No global presets and only 1 IA switch per pedal jack are 2 I can think of that matter to me. Anyone else?
  7. Tremonti

    IEM best practices

    I jump and sweat a lot when playing. I started with Westone Ambient universal fit. Sounded great but sweat would leak into ear and impeded sound. Now I have triple drover custom Dream Earz and I love them! That and a MIPRO909 digital trans/rec.
  8. Tremonti

    FS Bare knuckle pickups (low prices)

    I am not in market. But these are bothe stellar pu's. Scatter/handwound and they have excellent signal to feedback ratio.
  9. Tremonti

    Need some 130 bpm riff ideas for a Solo montage/medley

    130 bpm (or close) and must be a song that all would know. Riffs or chordal hooks. All genres are game. Thanks for the ideas!
  10. Tremonti

    Why no 'Global Blocks" ? Technical limitations or something else ? PLEASE PLEASE

    I agree global blocks would be nice to have.
  11. Tremonti

    Inverted colors for scribbles

    RJM isn't hard , but the FC with the Fractal gear is just natively easier.
  12. Tremonti

    Sell me on dual amps

    Simple. I do not use 2 amps at once. BUT, with 2 amp blocks and channels, you have 8 amps you can use in any scene/preset. That is awesome and the reason why it matters to me.
  13. Tremonti

    Thornbucker pickups - odd high end?

    I have them in a USA PRS Tremonti, and 5 strat type guitars. All different woods and trem systems. All stellar!
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