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Recent content by Tremonti

  1. Tremonti

    Banned from TGP

    Ya I rarely go there. No need really. I come here and Youtube
  2. Tremonti

    Largest Fractal rig, button wise, with explanation?

    Curious of the insanity some have gone to? Like 4 - FC12's, etc.... Also what and why with buttons. Maybe there is a rig rundown of something Vernon Reid ridiculous??
  3. Tremonti

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    Stop picking your nose prior to using. You're welcome.
  4. Tremonti

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    Minority Report?
  5. Tremonti

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    I had to borrow my daughters iPad mini, and this is whatever screen saver she had on. No judgement zone..... There is a reason for this layout and it is mainly because of the limited stage size at the Gator Club(I wanted to use my FC12 but too long). Also I like to have the button knobs...
  6. Tremonti

    Virtual Capo: FM9 or FM3 and detuned guitar

    Yes it is easier to not forget to turn off like with the Digitech Drop Tune. For me anyways, because I always had to have the Digitech in a weird spot to fit it. I would ALWAYS forget to turn that thing off and the fellas would gave me that look...then I would have that "Fuck me" moment. No...
  7. Tremonti

    FM3 to FM9: Any Regrets?

    This is good advice. Love the one you are with and expand. Cooking with less ingredients, is always better anyways!
  8. Tremonti

    FM3 to FM9: Any Regrets?

    I came from a AX3, so the FM9 took a little reimagining of things, patch wise, to fit it all in. Much easier than the FM3, which I have and use at home and possibly for a rehearsal or backup live. Again, I have to alter my approach from the FM9 to the FM3 to fit all in....but I can. Not same...
  9. Tremonti

    Looking for a pedal that stores mp3 clips and you can turn off and on and switch with buttons????

    Looking for a pedal that stores mp3 clips and you can turn off and on and switch with buttons. Anyone know of something like this? I want to play fun little movie line bits or whatever, in between songs, live. Point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  10. Tremonti

    Are set lists do-able in most recent update?

    If not, when? Really want to try it.
  11. Tremonti


    Season your FM9 with beer....instant non stick. Wait......
  12. Tremonti

    Free Bird Organ

    Those series of pedals are amazing!
  13. Tremonti

    axe 3 screen is too bright

    My bet is this.
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