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Recent content by Studiomanrichard

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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Received my invitation and purchased my AX FX on July12th. Unit is suppose to arrive on Friday the 20th.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    Does this gain meter show up on the AXE edit or just the AX FX screen only? If this meter is suppose to show up on the AXE Edit on my computer, where is this screen located?
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    MMGT16 + RAC12 + XL + 2 Matrix amps + 4 4x12s. I'm in heaven ( a loud heaven).

    Finally figured out what was wrong! The RAC12 gets a command from the Ax FX II at start up. If the Ax Fx isn't on or still cycling when the RAC12 request that command, the RAC12 remains in a type of stand by mode until power is shut off and turn back on or a command for reset is sent from a...
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    MMGT16 + RAC12 + XL + 2 Matrix amps + 4 4x12s. I'm in heaven ( a loud heaven).

    I have a similar setup to yours. I have the mastermind gt 22 instead of the gt16 and recently purchased a RAC12 for my Ax Fx ll. I've been having a problems with the RAC12 locking up not changing presets after I power down my rack or unplug and re plug in the mastermind. Is your RAC12 the...
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    Questions about Latency

    I purchased Cab Lab 3 and finally got it to work. At first I was getting the word querying next to the box the green check mark was suppose to appear in. That word went away when I loaded the driver. My question now is concerning the Cab Lab Standalone version and latency. Is there an ajustment...
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    Ax Fx ll vs Matrix Power Amp vowlume

    I've always placed my power amp volume above my Ax fx volume but never exceeding one half volume on either unit.
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    Ax Fx ll vs Matrix Power Amp vowlume

    Ax Fx ll vs Matrix Power Amp volume Which gives a better tone? The Ax Fx MV turned up all the way or the Matrix power amp cranked full volume adjusting the Ax Fx volume to taste. I'm looking for a general idea of what creates a great tone.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    Shift presence switch incon not appearing I downloaded firmware 17 which seem to have transfered fine. But I notice the icon for the shift presence switch under the Presence knob for the USA amps isn't there on both my Ax fx II and Ax editor. What I found to be strange is this icon did appear...
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    Axe-Fx II fw 17 Released

    Problem with the shift Presence switch in the USA amps I downloaded firmware 17 to my AX FX II in which all seem to transfer just fine. But attempting to use the shift Presence switch in the USA amps, the icon switch doesn't show under the "Presence knob as per the instructions. The weird...
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    Atleast I know I'm not loosing it! I tried all kinds of adjustments thinking I may have turn off someting. I was kind of hoping I did. But I guess in the back of my mind I knew better. I think I even read somewhere only the pedal made for the AX FX, would control this unit completely
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    I own an AX II and I'm using a Mastermind GT as a foot controller.With my AX editor hooked up to the mastermind GT and AF II for a brief moment was showing effects on and off stutus on the editor screen of my computer. I have no idea if I distrubed a setting or just what. But the editor now...
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    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    BINGO!!!!!!!!! :D Thank you to everybody that directed me to try a different browser. My purchase went thru with no problem. I can now download the "Streaming Class I've been trying to get
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    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    I'm obivously not going to the right place to purchase this "Streaming class" So lets start over. What site must I go to first?
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    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    Can someone walk me thru the steps? Still not working
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    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    No luck purchasing this class yet When I go to that class page and attempt to put in the necessary info for purchase it never goes thru. The classes remain grayed out except the teaser. Help somebody!
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