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I own an AX II and I'm using a Mastermind GT as a foot controller.With my AX editor hooked up to the mastermind GT and AF II for a brief moment was showing effects on and off stutus on the editor screen of my computer. I have no idea if I distrubed a setting or just what. But the editor now doesn't show effects on and off any more. My mastermind still controls my ax which I do hear change but the half circle line inside of the block doesnt appear.Hopefully someone has ran into this issue and might possible know what to do to get this luxary back.

Help! Studiomanrichard


With my AX editor hooked up to the mastermind GT
I'm confused by this, however

i have a gt 16 and the same thing happened, i just took it for granted that axe edit doesn't really support updated settings (visually) all that well,

ie if i disable a block on the foot pedal, axe usually doesn't acknowledge it, though i think it has done it at various times
Atleast I know I'm not loosing it! I tried all kinds of adjustments thinking I may have turn off someting. I was kind of hoping I did. But I guess in the back of my mind I knew better. I think I even read somewhere only the pedal made for the AX FX, would control this unit completely


if you are using axe-edit, use only axe-edit to control the axe-fx. if you want to use a foot controller, pause axe-edit then unpause when you are done.

the RJM will tell the axe what to turn on and off, but the axe won't tell axe-edit what happened. an exception may be Preset changes.
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